SEO Predictions & Best Practices

SEO Tips And Tricks Taught By Rand Fishkin

(The Founder Of MOZ.COM )

Full Form Of SEO: Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO Today?
SEO Setting change day by day in Google, the opportunity is too visible in search engine changed.The Fundamental things remain same very consistently but The Bunch Of Things to need you to technically, correctly in order to visible, crawler-able, index-able to google and There are Bunch of things the harm your website visibility. The mistake you make and you need to avoid that mistake to index your website in google search.
You make your website in the fashion of the reader or visitor of website or blog needed for engagement and amplification.
If you Content ( Blog Article ) is awesome, amicable and if you forget the optimization of Your website or the fundamental and technical SEO in order to search engine required I mean SEO then you never showed in the results of google search. You need to focus on your content or article or blog as well as SEO. both are most important for indexing your website in google searches algorithms.if you ignore either one then if you do not compete your competitor websites.

Your (Website) Visibility Is Overall Your Brand Visibility

For Popularity of your business or website, you do to Promote your website or Brand with the help of
Advertisement, social sharing (Share in social media). Events .these think is also matters for your ranking
for becoming more popular in your region by driving more people to look at your content.

List Of Important Thinks For Making A Website
1) Your Domain Is Related to your Business or Brand Name.
Eg. Your brand name is TheOnlyMyHealth then you choose the domain like
this. or

2) Make Your Website look for Eye Catching.

3) Make a List of your Competitor ( what site rank in google search where you wish to show or index your website) Look your Competitors moves and Follow their moves and think what you do best then your competitors.
In short, You completely analyze your competitor’s website and there working and SEO strategy.

4) For Popularity of website, you do Promote your website or Brand with the help of Advertisement, social sharing (Share in social media).

5) What Is Backlink?
Link of your website listing on other highly popular, trust-able, good website Super relevant to your topics.
What relevancy of backlinks matter for your Site?
Make your backlink with very smartly, genuinely related to your topic of the website.
Insert your link with different website which Is super relevant to your niche (topic) but carefully and with the help of following things make your backlink to other websites.

  1. Websites should be Trusted
  2. The popularity of the website should be high.
  3. Your and other websites owner (where you need backlink) relation good.
    Note: Don’t make your backlink to any unknown, un-trustable and fake website which is mostly responsible for your website downranking in a search engine like google.

Check List For Publishing A content in Your Website

  1. Pure Accessibility
  2. Should check your targeting keyword for rank which has potential to rank in web search How judge the potential of keyword: how long your content in which how many times you repeat your keywords.
  3. Onsite optimization
  4. Include links on some word for more detailing the meaning of that words
  5. Your content length should long with shorts paragraph, which is reader-friendly.
    Importance of ranking a keywords Rand Fishkin mostly use 3 things which is….
  6. Value: how many people are searching for.
  7. Difficulties: how hard is to rank for us.
  8. Opportunity: what things are top resulting website ignore than that is our opportunity.
  9. Relevant to my business or Important to my Business (optional).

The secret of Popularity (Golden Key): Make your website into a mobile app and this mobile app share into Facebook, Instagram, google plus, twitter, play store as well as an advertisement is most user attractive thing to help to gain more and more visitor to your website.

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