Fruits that are not native and are cultivated at their place of origin are known as exotic fruits, simply they are unusual or different. There are several fruits around the world that are found in a particular place, collected from the wild and usually eaten by the locals. nowadays, exotic fruits have found their way to the international audience. India too is an abode to some fruits that are different from the usual fruits like mango, banana and are rare, found in particular places.

Photo by Geraud pfeiffer on Pexels.com

Carambola (star fruit)

Thanks to social media star fruit has become a known fruit among indian locals and is quite popular. Also known as five fingers, carambola is the native to southeast asia and is consumed in many parts of the world. The whole fruits is edible, and is fleshy, crunchy and firm. It is consumed when the fruit leaves all traces of green and turns yellow, it tastes sweet and sour. It is a source of a good number of nutrients, especially vitamin C and fiber. despite being anutritiuos fruit star fruit can have negative effects on some poeple due to availability of high oxalate content.

Buddha’s Hands (fingered citron)

An unusual hand like fruit which is given as an offering in buddhist temples, and it is believed that buddha prefers fingers that are closed rather than open as they resemble praying hands. In chinese religion it is a symbol of happiness, longitivity and good fortune. It is a very fragrant fruit an is used to add fragnance to rooms and clothes, specifically in china japan and malaysia. although citrus fruits are juicy but most variety of buddha’s hands contain no pulp and usually known for their aroma and texture. It is used as a flavouring agent in dishes, desserts and beverages. It is also a part of traditional medicine.

Phalsa (Indian sherbet berries)

Phalsa is a small dark purple fruit and is helpful in balancing sweet and sour flavors. It is a good cooling agent and perfect for hot weather. It is a good source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and vitamin C. It cures diarrhea, stomachache, builds immunity and supports smooth digestion. It is also consumed in the form of squash or sugar syrup and despite numerous benefits it is a very less known fruit in India.

Bael (wood apple)

One of the most popular summer fruit, bael is a highly effective against the scorching heat of the sun. The outer covering of the fruit is hard but the inner part is sweet and soft. Every part of the plant is good for human body, high in fibre, vitamins and other essential nutrients, it cures ulcers and piles, prevents constipation, is a good source of energy and equally effective against respiratory issues. The number of benefits it provides are uncountable.

Chalta (elephant apple)

Large sized shrub that is native to southeastern asia and the fruit of this plant is loved by the local elephants hence the fruit is known as elephant apple. It is consumed in both ripe and unripe form and is usually used is usually used for making jam, chutney or pickled dishes. The fruit has a large greenish-yellow shape and consists of 15-20 carpels, the fruit pulp is bitter-sour. It consists of numerous health benefits, like lowering blood pressure, fighting flu,cold and other infections, it is also good for eyes, has vitmin C and also cures stomach related problems.