Listening is the key to understanding, they say. It’s not just about listening to what people say. One listens to learn, one listens to understand and one listens to gain knowledge. Listen to your deepest thoughts, figure out the things you desire most and what makes you happy because when you listen to your inner self, you will come to a realiasation that everything else that mattered most in your life might not be the best choices for you afterall and perhaps that will resolve the problems you have.

When a child makes a mistake, you ask them to ‘listen’ to you. When a friend asks for an advice you tell him/her to listen to his/her heart. And while in a heated argument you tend to say, ‘Listen to me’. It is important to listen. One who listens, never fails to overcome the battle of his life because life itself really is a battle.

Remember, comedian, show host, celebrities, millionaires, governs, all who manage to secure successful business nad careers are in their best position because they listen.

‘Listening awakens your subconsciousness’

Nancy Touthang

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