Gilmore Girls: A Legacy of its own.

A show which inspired, optimized and enthralled its audience, Gilmore Girls is the quintessence of a dreamy, thrilling, and congenial TV show. Beginning its way back from the first year of the 21st century, it is a beautiful story of a quirky mother Lorelai and her goofy daughter also Lorelai (but called Rory), starring Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel fighting the odds, and living a life they adore in a bewitching town named Stars hollow. The story starts with the three main characters, Lorelai, Rory, lounging at the diner, and our beloved, Luke, the owner of the diner, serving them coffee as he has and will be doing forever, taunting them for not taking care of their body, which, both the girls, pleasingly ignore, a glimmer in their eyes, a smile on their faces, and the tale begins. Rory’s main goal in life is to go to Harvard. To do so, she performs arduous efforts, and relentless tries, when she finally gets into a private school, Chilton. But as soon as she is closer to the dream, like every other TV show, a boy comes into her life, and she wishes to settle for her old school. But after sometime, Unlike every other TV show, she decides to go on her way, the right way, for her mum, for herself, for Harvard. Chilton, A herd of snobs in a castle of arrogance. The innocent girl steps in the school with as much courage as she could gather, and survives.

The supporting cast includes, Melissa McCarthy( Sookie), Scott Patterson (Luke), Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore), Edward Hermann ( Richard Gilmore), Keiko Agena, (Lane Kim), Yanic Truesdale (Michael Gerard)and many many more.

The show thrived for 7 years before its stop on the small screen, which was much refused and procrastinated by the audience. Still, it lived on, partly through the gen-Y, else mostly through Netflix. Millions of people, regardless of age, watch this show, all around the globe, which has highly shot up it’s viewing compared to just being aired on the American television.

This marvelous tale takes us through ups and downs of their life, some romance, some passion, some fun. The crazy girls are so much more than just what they are defined as, we can see that vividly as we go along from one episode to the next. And in the end, they still are the Gilmore Girls, together, forever. you know, where you lead, I will follow, anywhere! This show will definitely stay in a little corner of your heart for as long as you live. It really is a legacy.

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