As the name itself suggests, Mass Media refers to an array of methods which help to promote a variety of things/messages/ideas among the masses through different communication outlets. In today’s times, the various kinds of mass media include, Cinema, Radio, Television, Internet, Print, Recordings, Mobile phones, etc. People may opt for a particular medium of communication based on the availability of technology, type of message/product to endorse and ease of mass communication.


Movie making is certainly gaining a lot of popularity in this era. Cinema Media has a lot of potential to create an impact on the society at large. The film industry inclusive of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, so on and so forth manifests the reflection of society in the past and the present. Today, the youth does look up to movies for recreation. A good cinema can entertain, educate and inspire the viewer in several ways.

EXAMPLE – The movie JOKER, impacted it’s audience with inspirations like, leaning to forgive, succeeding despite having mental issues, never giving up on your dreams, etc.


The credit of being able to enjoy broadcasting in the earlier times and today as well, goes to Guglielmo Marconi, the developer of the first radio transmitter and receiver. With scarce means of recreation in the olden times, Radio bound families, peers, neighbors together. The auditory mode of communication, Radio is also used to maintain contacts with the flights and ships that are out in the air and water. Radio is also an essential element used at war zones to transmit information through morse codes.

EXAMPLE – Africa considers radio as the most important too of communication. Radio is quite cost efficient, does not need any expensive data package, helps to reach out to a broader audience and is also easily portable.


Television is an audio visual type of Mass medium. It is used by broadcasters to air sports, daily soap, movies, news, etc. The progress of the T.V is easily noticeable, as it started from the black and white version and has now developed to a very high extent in the form of OLED, LCD, LED, and HD. It is used by direction and production houses to entertain, inform and educate viewers. It can be considered as an ultimate Pandora’s Box.

EXAMPLE – Viewers ranging from the kids to the elderly at home, are often seen glued to the television for the purpose of entertainment.


Sharing information and communication has become a piece of cake since the invention of the Internet. This mass medium has bypassed almost all other media of communication. Internet is now considered as a boon to e-sellers, social media influencers, researchers and all the other end users as well. The Internet has become a global networking platform which anyone can access at any point of time.

EXAMPLE – People do resort to the Internet to pay their bills, listen to music, manage finances, to shop online or even to communicate with people all across the globe.

Mass Media plays a significant role in this era. Making appropriate usage of it will give us fruitful results. Mass media helps in transmitting values, heritage, cultures and information and acts as a watchdog on society.

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