Haven’t we all been a part of the mad rat race to acquire money? Humans keep running behind wealth throughout their lives and eventually when they reach old age, they realize the importance of peace in life. Not always, luxury is based on looks or garments. Real richness is reflected through a person’s values and mannerisms. Bringing positive changes in the lives of others shall be taken into consideration more than bringing materialistic changes in one’s lives. It is not money that is of utmost importance but generosity and the act of giving back to the society is important. Life resembles a steadily flowing stream of water and what we do while being a part of that flow of water will matter in the end. In our day to day living we may notice the amount of clutter that is spread on our study desks inspite of the fact that, the only commodity that we use daily might be a laptop or a book, at the dining table, many food items are often seen lying for days together which later on get disposed off, in our wardrobes, numerous clothes often remain unused. What does this tell us? We humans keep running in the blind race of materialism without even considering whether something is really needed by us or not.

Siddhartha Gautama better known as a Gautam Buddha, renounced his life as a wealthy prince and instead left his palace to seek inner peace as an ascetic. He gave up on his comforts because at the age of 29, he realized that mere wealth cannot bring home happiness. He also came across the sufferings of people, hence wanted to find out ways on how human suffering can be ended. According to Buddha, ‘Desire’ is the root cause of suffering. In today’s times, eliminating desires is not quite possible but limiting them certainly is. The Wisdom of Frugality, states how living a simple living leads to good virtues and ultimately good virtues lead to happiness. In simple words, if a person chooses to live life without any extravaganza, he may not have to take up a stressful job. When he does not experience stress and overtime at his workplace, he gets more time for leisure, which in turn generates happiness.

A minimalist lifestyle involves living with fewer resources whether in terms of a house or possession. Minimalist livers prefer to have a simple lifestyle and yet be satisfied in life. A minimalist lifestyle is by no means a radical lifestyle but rather an optimal one. Minimalistic living involves a high thinking. For instance, rather than buying an expensive television set, a phone or an air conditioner, buying a cheaper one and spending rest of the money on buying basic necessities for the underprivileged displays the real wealth that a man possesses. Pioneers such as A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Sudha Murty, Mahatma Gandhi and many more idolizing personalities have opted to live in a simple manner and possess a benevolent, generous and humane disposition.

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