Once upon a time there were two college friends they formed a new company and soon their business started growing but both of them had other plans they wanted to study, travel and not spend the rest of their lives running a business one day they approached a big company and asked for one million dollars to sell their successful startup that big company was not interested they simply said no later the friends approached other companies but all of them declined the friends felt sad they thought why their wish is not coming true they just want to sell their venture and start a new life but they were unaware that destiny had already made other plans for them later they both continued running their business and with each passing year the company kept on growing bigger and bigger their business reached every part of the world now after two decades the company which they failed to sell for one million dollars is now worth over one trillion dollars we all know their company as “GOOGLE”. In your life you always make plans, you always make goals, you desire some things to happen as per your wish but sometimes it’s better if your wish does not come true because there might be something better coming your way something better beyond your imagination.That reason causes a change  in you” sometimes this change hurts sometimes,this change will make you cry,but do remember in the end;this change will make you stronger, this change will make you move forward,this change will make you grow in life,this change has the power to make you rich and this change has the power to make your dreams come true.”

Therefore whatever happens  in life do remember it’s all for the best.  

“Because in life-Everything happens for a reason”

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