Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking that you’re better than anyone. It’s walking in knowing. That you don’t want to COMPARE yourself to anyone. Comparing yourself to another person that isn’t even in your system. There’s no thought of comparisons. There is no competition with any other human. You are not below anyone that’s confidence. When you can get to the place in your life. Where comparison is dead. When you are good enough not to others. But to yourself that is confidence and you can be good enough right now. Because you are good right now. You might just need to change your mindset.” CONFIDENCE “can be developed in many ways. You can start with your physiology, your posture. If I asked you what a confident person looked like would you be able to tell me? Of course you would they look strong, sure of themselves. How are they standing? They are standing TALL. How are their shoulders? They are BACK, upright. They make eye contact their head is up, not down. Now a SHY or introverted person might say. Yeah, well that’s all good for outgoing people but I will never be confident. Anyone can develop confidence. Some might have to work on it harder than others because they have conditioned themselves into a lack of confidence for much of their life but anyone can develop confidence. Even the majority of shy people have moments where they aren’t shy like around people they trust may be family, friends or their partner. Moments where they can be themselves fully. So the shyness is selective which means you can make confidence permanent. If you CONSCIOUSLY decide to be the person and do the things you do not just around those you trust the most, but all the time. Being confident doesn’t mean you are LOUD. It isn’t about being the one that has to be noticed. I’s the opposite, it’s knowing you’re great, without having to be seen. It’s the silent winner. It’s the humble champion. If you lack confidence, you can change. If you lack anything, YOU CAN CHANGE. You can be anything in life including radical personality change. IF you are COMMITTED to finding the answers. “UNLOCK THE GREATEST VERSION OF YOURSELF”. Your true nature of confidence of pure positive energy. Unlock your authentic power today.

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