About the author: L.M. Montgomery

the creator of thoughtful grins on little souls, the molder of a legend, the light of an eye-blinding ray of literature, Lucy Maud Montgomery, or better known as L.M Montgomery is one of THE most phenomenal and unparalleled authors I have ever known. the beauty of her writing is miraculous, the plot of her stories is out of this world. She is honestly my crush and will be lifelong. Bloomed into this world on the 30th of November, 1874 in the chilly town of Clifton to Clara Woolner Macneill Montgomery and  Hugh John Montgomery. Hardly had she reached her 2nd year in the world, when her mother, Clara, passed away suffering from Tuberculosis. Since then, she was lonesome and quiet. A blessed child, the seven-year-old lucy, moved to Prince Albert to lead her childhood with her grandparents, when she found her imaginary friends holding her hand, later, that time of her existence was credited as a development and expansion of her creativity. In 1887, the witty and bright lucy of 13, wrote in her diary that she had, quoting, “early dreams of future fame”, she didn’t know that fate took her ‘early dreams’ very seriously.

the year 1883 was spent with her attending the Prince of Wales college to get a teacher’s license, and slowly, her love for Prince Edward Island grew as she strolled solitarily through the tranquil and starry paths down the countryside. Remarkably extraordinary as she was, Lucy completed her two-year teaching program in one year, clearly a prodigy. After, she explored the fields of literature at Dalhousie University, Halifax, nova scotia.

A part of her life was spent teaching in various schools located in Prince Edward Island after she left dalhousie university. Though Not a fan of teaching, it lent her the time to write, a hobby she loved more than herself. The spree of resplendent writing began in the year 1887 when she started publishing her short creations in several newspapers and magazines. And look how it turned out, over a hundred stories were published and hence started her journey to endless fame and love.

A gorgeous beauty, she was known to own her ‘good looks’. Those good looks resulted in many love interests in Lucy’s life. At the blooming age of fourteen, a boy named Nate Lockhart gained her affection, In response, she got the same too. Their liking turned into a relationship, for lucy, the relationship meant merely a humourous and witty friendship. Unfortunately, the love between the two birds ended abruptly when she refused his proposal.

The year 1908 can be called THE BIG BREAK for Montgomery. It is the divine and holy year ANNE OF THE GREEN GABLES was published. No surprise an immediate success, by November 1909, It had accomplished more than 6 printings. Still alive in the shelves of bibliophiles and the history of literature, We can still feel each emotion throbbing through every page we turn in the book. Every sentence is magical, some parts of the story representing real circumstances in Montgomery’s life, it is partly fictional, The plot of it almost real. This light, funny, and beautiful story is the epitome of a relax read with fun and philosophical expressions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll have a new perspective of seeing things. The readers can feel the author’s soul which is put into it.

So many years have passed, so many revolutions the earth has taken, and still, here I am, writing about this miraculous phenomenon whom we know as our beloved L.M Montgomery.

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