About the phenomenon: Amrita Pritam

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A woman of India, a woman of our hearts. Amrita Pritam was a poet and author, primarily adept in writing Punjabi and Hindi poems. She was born in the year of 1919, on the 31st day of August, in a village named Gujranwala, Punjab(British Raj) to Raj Bibi, a school teacher, and Kartar Singh Hitkari, a writer and poet, as Amrit Kaur. With the grief of her mother passing away when she was just 11, she felt her inside hollow and dark. And to express that utter emptiness, she started writing, and she never stopped. Gradually, along with expressing that sorrow, writing filled her hollow, thriving her into publishing her first anthology at 16 named Amrit Lehran (immortal waves), the same year, she got married to a guy named Pritam Singh. and hence, she was now called as Amrita Pritam. No one knew then, that in a few years, this…

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