Far away, there was a village, A “CURSED” village. It was known to everyone that whoever will cross this village boundary will “DIE” instantly. Generations passed, and no one crossed the boundary of the village. One day an innocent little boy mistakenly crossed the village boundary. His mother screamed at the sight of losing her beloved child. Hearing the scream all the villagers gathered at the spot and they were all SHOCKED. “There they saw the little boy was standing across the boundary and he was safe and smiling back at them. That was the moment, they all realized. There was no curse on the village.” It was all a LIE. But in reality, there was one CURSE on their village. The curse, which made them FEAR the unknown. The CURSE which TRAPPED each of them inside the village. That curse was only in their MIND and Nowhere else. Your MIND is a symphony of thoughts. Your MIND is the valley of wonders. It can visualize your greatest dreams. It can conceive the greatest ideas and make the biggest discoveries. But sometimes, It also LIES to you. It scares you makes you afraid. Your mind tells you, you are wrong. Your mind tells you it cannot be done. It tells you, you are NOT GOOD  enough. It tells you to STOP and quit. Your mind wants you, to not take any chances. To never try anything new. It tells you, you will FAIL if you will hurry. You will FAIL if you take action. Your mind DEMANDS you to take time. To achieve perfection, even before trying. You know one thing, Your mind is LYING all along. Not because it is our enemy. But because it is filled with fear. It is fearful of all failures that might come. It is fearful of what others might say. It is fearful that your hope and dreams shall be shattered. It wants to stop you from taking any action. Because if you don’t act, you will never fail. It wants an existence without pain, grief, and failures. But what’s life without taking action towards your dream. What’s life without tears and joy. What’s life without its ups and downs.

 So tell your mind NOT TO WORRY. Tell your mind to NOT TO SCARED. To NOT OVERTHINK your worst fears. “Just take ACTION towards your goal and BREAK FREE from the clutches of your fearful mind. “

“If you spend too much time thinking about something.. you’ll never be able to make it, a REALITY.”

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