Positive news about Global Warming.

With increasing awareness and demand for drastic measure to avert the crisis of climate change. It might actually be possible to keep the impacts well below disastrous. The world is making progress in the right direction as we join hands and unite with agreements such as the Kyoto protocol, Paris agreements to a name a few.

Plant Based Meat.

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Although, the biggest culprit in global warming is deemed to be carbon dioxide. Other gases such as nitrous oxide and methane are a lot more potent and thus are a cause of major concern. Methane is largely released during livestock farming. As demand for meat has exponentially increased in the past years, it is without a doubt that if things went on the same as they are. The hope to keep temperature rise well below 2c will merely remain a dream. But with a new innovation of plant based meat. The turnover to eating largely plant based may not seem impossible. A faux meat – made entirely out of plant based ingredients- is intended to taste and look exactly like meat. It is believed that in 30 years or so, all meat and dairy will be replaced and only plant based products will triumph. These plant based substitutes have close to negligible carbon footprint and therefore, it is a sound solution.

Renewable Energy

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The demand for energy is ever on the rise. But this demand is being fulfilled mainly by renewable energy sources. In the past years, renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines have been a lot cheaper to install than they used to be a decade ago. Thus, more and more countries are looking to utilize mainly renewable energy sources to fulfil their energy demands. India, also, has promised to increase share of renewable energy to 50% by the year 2030 in the conference held at Glasgow, COP26.


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Deforestation of forests for farming, timber production etc alone contributes to about 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of trees cut has roughly doubled since the past decade and this a cause for major concern. But steps in the right direction are talking place. Countries like Brazil and Indonesia have invested money to fund agricultural subsidies. And with the efforts of China, India and South Korea alone have managed to sever close to 12 billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Electric Cars

Electric cars have also been on the rise as a green solution to reducing pollution cause by cars. Countries have also announced future bans on fossil-fueled cars. Car companies like Jaguar, Volvo, Land rover are all looking to end production of fuel based cars.

There is a lot of hope that countries will follow through and estimated control will be very much possible. Green economic growth is the only long term goal.

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