Education is one of the important thing in this world.Without education we cannot lead a good life.Education is the key to success in life.

Education plays the significant role in the human race.Educated people are responsible for the better future for Society and country.An educated person has the ability to decision making.Education teaches us writing and reading.Reading and writing is the first step in education.Education improves the person mentally to handle the difficult situation.

Education improve the humans personality.Educated person is brave, confident to face any situation.Most of the well known persons are educated.Education helps in the development and innovation of technology.

The technology,science, millitary all are improved because of the education.Without education nothing happened in this world.Education help us to acquire knowledge.knowledge can be used to make better living.Education is the weapon which cannot be break by anyone.

Education teaches us to be honest and polite.Educated peoples are always respected in the society.

Education teaches us to be civilized. Education helps us to understand the feelings.It provides the manpower like police, doctor and millitary.Education improves us mentally strong to face the hard situation in both outer and inner life.Education brings peace in the world.

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