Physical Hardware: Every Business’ Cybersecurity Blind Spot

International Journal of Research (IJR)

2021 has been a busy year for hackers, withdata breaches worldwidenow costing an average of £3.03 million per incident. One of the reasons for this dramatic increase is the rapid shift to cloud-based activities to accommodate remote working.

Fortunately, AI and automation are thwarting the surge in cybersecurity threats. However, the pace in which digitisation across industries is happening means that there may be weaknesses in your network infrastructure, particularly in cybersecurity practices that focus on physical hardware — including storage devices, printed circuit boards (PCB), and tap access points, to name but a few. Hardware is actually a huge cybersecurity blind spot.

Why is physical hardware the biggest blind spot in cybersecurity?

A major factor that makes physical hardware more vulnerable to cybersecurity threats than software is that hardware programming is‘uneditable’. This means that becausePCB layoutsare permanent once they leave the factory, any vulnerabilities found…

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