Thinking out of the box

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No one remains a stranger to this phrase, But there is nothing more vague and inarticulate than this phrase. From the moment we are born into this world, we are being directed to behave and do things in a certain way. When we reach adolescence, we no longer have to be told to behave in a certain way as we begin to realise what the society expects from us and behave in accordance to their expectations. Finally, when we enter adulthood, we become champions in complying to societal expectations. 

After going through all these stages in life, while in a group discussion or a meeting, a team leader or a manager asks us to think outside the box. That’s unfair. Nobody taught us to think for ourselves, even if we did, it fell in the societal pattern of studying, marrying, rearing kids, and retiring. 

What is thinking out of the box?

In a professional terminology, thinking out of the box basically means coming up with a new idea (because the contemporary ones didn’t work) that would reap huge benefits for the company. In terms of life, thinking out of the box means being indifferent to societal norms and expectations as you do things your own way. Although my monologue above is defensive towards societal expectations, it is often impractical as not all of us can afford to waste our time and resources on carving a new path, when we can comply with our society and become financially stable and independent.   

How to think outside the box?

Nevertheless, we can still incorporate the habit of thinking outside the box to make a difference in our lives when needed. Thinking out of the box does not require racking your brains till you come up with a feasible idea. 

Take up a new course

Enrolling yourself for a new course will open doors to learning about new and unfamiliar things. Learning new things will influence your thinking in different areas and aspects of your life. Thereafter when you are confronted with a problem, you will be equipped with knowledge from the specialisation in a certain field that can aid you with thinking out of the box. 


Although it sounds counter intuitive, daydreaming is an important factor that influences your thinking out of the box. While daydreaming, your brain is led astray from the logical aspects and helps you make connections and co-relations that you couldn’t come up with while racking your brain. So, turn your attention away from the problem you are facing and let your imagination go wild!

Read a book from a new genre

Thinking out of the box would require you to do things differently or try new things. So how about reading from a different genre than the one you usually prefer? Try nonfiction or didactical if you have always preferred fiction. Fiction might have accustomed you to think in a certain manner. To break that monotony in thinking, reading from a different genre might just do the trick. 

Pen a poem

The motive behind doing this relatively weird stuff during a serious confrontation is to break free from rational and logical thinking and invite new possibilities and ideas into the situation. Try writing a poem on the basis of your problems. As your mind begins wandering to support your efforts in poetry, you expand your horizon of thinking, leading to thinking outside the box. 

So there you go, a vague article on an equally vague topic. Thinking out of the box. Do drop in your thoughts in the comment box. Now that’s a rhyme scheme created which can be considered as the first two lines of a poem. I was wondering how to end this article so I made a rhyme scheme, a.k.a a poem.