Data scientists combine mathematics, statistics and the use of computer science to extract,analyze data from thousands of data sources in order to build creative and innovative business solutions.Data Scientist’s job involves solving the problems of his or her client by providing solutions using real time data and tools and algorithms.

Industries and Departments in which Data Scientist are hired:-

Data scientists and analysts are largely employed by IT companies, marketing, finance and retail sectors.
Companies use Data Scientists to give them a report on what their clients demands and needs and give them innovative solutions on how to cater to them. Oil, gas and telecommunication companies also have started employing data scientists to better cater to their clients.
Other sectors and departments that employ data scientists are
● Government offices
● Research institutions and universities.

The roles and responsibilities of a data scientist:-

● To handle vast amounts of data and choose reliable sources.

● Developing prediction models and advanced machine learning algorithms

● Verifying data using data investigation and data analysis.

● Using data visualization techniques to present findings.

● Finding solutions to business problems by working with data engineers and data analysts

Educational qualification For data scientist:-

● Should have a BSc/BA degree in the field of Computer Science/ Software Engineering/Information Science/Mathematics.

● Should have a postgraduate degree/diploma certification in Data Science/Machine Learning.

Career growth of a Data Scientist:-

The life of a Data Scientist starts from an associate data analyst and can go up to the role of Chief Data Scientist.Promotion can take two to five years it is based on the performance.After some experience they get into some higher position.


Data Scientists are one of the most in demand people in the world. They can skyrocket companies’ shares and make them reach new heights.Data Science is a very high paying industry thus finding a job with a seven-figure salary won’t be a problem. Data Science as an industry has a very bright future.Data Scientists have the ability to change the world’s future.