Personality Traits of an Indian Entrepreneur

Personality traits means characteristics of an individual that reflect their patterns of thinking, feelings and behavior which distinguish one person’s character and actions from another. Here is the list of those Personality traits, to learn from and apply those personality traits in Life-

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Sreelakshmi suresh

SreeLakshmi Suresh is one of the Youngest web designers and Youngest CEOs in the world, She Planned and designed her school’s main website when she was just 8 years old. She has won a lot of National and International Awards and Honors for her work.

A Proactive Learner

Her dad allowed her to use PC from a very young age. She learned all of the English letters in order by writing them in the Notepad. She used to draw Pictures in MS Paint even prior to joining LKG. She had a huge curiosity in her young age and tried new and experimental things on the PC which shows that she was curious to learn and try new things.

A Skillful Person

At the point when she was six years of age, her dad showed her a site planned by a Young student and supported her that in case She was intrigued by it She can likewise do it. Then, at that point, she designed her website by MS Word and afterward in MS Front Page. She designed her first site, the one for her school which goes by while she was just 8 years of age.

Aim for Mastery

She is one of the persons who aim for excellency in their respective fields. She herself said in an interview that she must be expert in her field and she needed to be sincere to accomplish more and more in this field.

A Great Disciplinary-

She is a great disciplinary. In an interview, She said that she is in school for around 7 hours and she can make time for her web designing works for 3 hours without letting that interfere with her school works. she has a rule that she must finish all the school work first then do all of her designing work.


Sreelakshmi suresh shows us that no matter what your age is, If one is Proactive, Skillful, Aims for mastery, and A Great Disciplinary then there is no hurdle that can’t be conqoured. SreeLakshmi Suresh even says that Don’t think that something is impossible for Children. We can achieve whatever elders can do, if we have the will to do so. Afterall, the success and failure is in our hands and it entirely depends upon us if we want to achieve something or just complain about the circumstances that are not letting us achieve what we want to. If I wanted to choose between complaining about circumstances or doing something about them Here is what I will choose and recommend it for you all is to choose your struggle and do something about it and keep going just don’t quit no matter how many setbacks you have,