A FAST method to Learn and Remember new things

As a Student What is your one wish? Seriously, If a genie offered you a wish what would it be, Of course to top the exams without studying or study in such a way that you won’t forget even a single thing on your exam day and remember that thing for all your Life.

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Today, we will be focusing on learning how to learn. If you knew how to learn smarter, faster and better, then you could apply to that to everything. Here is method which is FAST method to learn any thing faster, smarter and for maybe a lifetime. This method was developed by Jim Kwik. FAST is an acronym in which F stands for Forget, A stands for Active, S stands for State and T stands for Teach. Here’s How it goes-

1.F is for Forget-

The Key to laser focus is to not let the thoughts distract you. Before studying forget what you already know about the subject, Start from the scratch to learn that again, because what we think we already know keeps us from learning new things. If there are thoughts which keep distracting you while learning then try to write them on a page and keep that page aside then start studying or whatever your work is.

2.A is for Active-

Traditional Education has made people think that Learning is a Passive Action which shows us that You are required to sit in a class and absorb all the information that is presented and taught by the teacher to you But this is not the case, Instead Learning is more of an Active experience. Try to become more active in your learning sessions.

3. S is for State-

All Learning is state-dependent and it all depends upon your state if you will learn something properly or not. For Example, If you are feeling motivated and Happy then there are chances you will remember what you learn for Longer Periods. On the Contrary, If You are feeling Depressed and sad then chances are forget about remembering you would not even like to study. SO, Ask yourself this How can I improve my mood? Improving mood can be done by just 5 minutes of exercise, Deep breathing or sitting with a straight back while studying.

4.T is for Teach-

This is the last step of the 4 step approach you need to do. Whatever You have learned by following the above 3 steps, Try to teach it to someone, it could be your friend or classmate, If there is no one then try to Teach it to an Imaginary class or a friend. This will help a lot and Various Researches have shown the effect of teaching what you have learned to some one has a positive effect on the memory.


Applying the above steps in your learning Process will surely help you learn smarter, faster, and for longer periods. Only Learning is not sufficient, Instead you should take Action with the knowledge you have learned. Otherwise, it won’t serve any Purpose if it is just in your memory, Teach it to others, Experiment with it and always have a learning and doing attitude in your Life.