Selection of our career after school

There are some major factors which influence the selection of our career

Selecting the right course and college is a very significant decision after 12th because the right selection will lead to a gratifying career as the wrong one is equal to ending up in studying a subject or a sphere that doesn’t really interest you. Moreover, the choice made after class 12 will be the one that will decide your future.

The contemporary and highly competitive world is giving the students a tough time to choose their career. Today, students are facing with plentiful options as there are several courses all of which look almost equally lucrative and interesting.

  1. Cultural background: The cultural background of an individual plays a massive role in influencing the career.
    • Example: if the parents are doctors the child may be very much inspired by their way of life or the respect that is being paid in the society. So the child may opt to become a doctor.
  2. Bad work experience:  A bad work experience of any family member in a particular field may also influence the teenage in a negative way. It may lead to loss of interest in that particular kind of job.
  3. Economic condition: It’s hard to believe that many dreams are killed every day as the economic condition of the family is one of the main reasons.
    • Example: A hefty amount is required to get admission in an architectural designing college.
  4. Potential: Different profession demand different kind of requirements.
    • Example: If you want to join the film industry and you don’t have the requirements such as height and various physical requirements than perusing a course on acting and dreaming to be actor may be a waste of time and money. Pursuing a career depending on the potential may lead to success.
  5. Parent’s dreams: Every parent has dreams and expectation for their child regarding their future. Sometimes children’s are being forced to fulfil their parent’s dream by killing their own dream.
  6. Social value of the job:  Some people get fascinated towards some jobs because of the respect and social value they carry.
    • Example: Being an IAS officer carries a lot of admiration in the society.
  7. Peer pressure: Peer also plays a very important role while choosing a career. Some people choose the same career as their friend to maintain the same level of status forgetting their own field of interest.
  8. Income: The future income of the job also plays a very important role while choosing a particular career. Some time running behind money kills the field that we are really interested in.
  9. Our tastes and interests: Career should be selected depending on our tastes and interest which will help to give 100% to the job.