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An important quote before the start of the article that reads as and l quote “Be sure to taste your own words before you speak them out”. This article speaks about the topic that often is in the limelight but is later forgotten with time. 

Today an article of mine aims to bring light on one of the most saddening and disturbing yet many common incidents. We must acknowledge and bring some change even though it angers and disgusts us. 

You might all be wondering about what topic I am trying to speak about and bring into the limelight. The topic I am talking about is the comments that politicians, actors, and every other person makes about rape. I am sure every one of you just had a memory flash of at least one such incident.

The purpose of this article is not to pinpoint anyone or name anybody but to question the very idea and purpose of making such comments or statements. It is mind-boggling and shocking to even believe that these people are not aware of the kind of anger, pain, disgust, and even the horror the people of this country experience when these so-called rich, influential, and successful people make such horrible and lewd comments. 

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Understanding these events:

Let us take the most recent incident that took place in our country where a Congress MLA and an ex-speaker from Karnataka in the Karnataka Assembly made a derogatory statement and quote “There is a saying that when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. That is exactly the position which you are in,” This statement is not even a month old. It happened on December 16th, 2021. The worst and the shocking part have not even arrived yet. The speaker of the assembly during that time also had a laugh about it and so did other party members in the assembly and continued with the assembly. This assembly was to discuss the farm laws that have no connection regarding rape. The idea, motive, and purpose to make such a comment has to be a negative one. 

This is not even the first derogatory comment this year. Imagine if we had to sit and go back just 2-3 years. We would realize making sexist and horrible comments about rape has become very common. 

The thing that these politicians, actors, or anybody else who make such comments does not understand is that they have a lot of power and influence over other people around them and society. Therefore, the saying that these people need to remember is not the ones like the MLA say but the ones such as “With great Power comes Great Responsibility ”. There are various other sources that such things are shown and taught to people like movies, shows, etc which are doing the job of passing such messages so the last thing anybody wants is even real people like politicians who have been voted, actors and actresses who are loved to make such comments and spread the wrong message to the society. The pain, anger, and disgust should not just be limited to the people who made such comments but also the people who were okay with it and let it go away. These people also play a very important role in keeping intact such ideas and perspectives about any topic and not just rape. 

An apology is not sufficient: 

We are all aware of what happens after anyone makes such comments and rightfully so there is an outcry about it. There is an apology made by the person through various networks and media platforms. This apology is taken into consideration and then the matter is let go away. Yes, the people are glad that there is some apology and acceptance for their actions but that is not enough if the same thing keeps happening again and again in some way or the other. An apology is not enough because after accepting your mistake you should also make it a point to responsibly believe in it and make sure to educate and bring about awareness to people around you so that nobody else makes such a mistake. Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration and understood is that once the person has given an apology, the outcry, and the anger should not stop there. According to my thinking, it should continue until there is some change in the societal thought process, and the people who make such comments are responsible for bringing about the change. 

Stricter rules, regulations, and laws

The first and the most important thing that needs to be done are to bring about stricter and sterner laws towards the committing of a crime like rape. Second is filing complaints against actors, politicians or anyone else for that matter is not enough. We still live in a country where rich and influential people have control over the process of things that happen through money. Bribery, corruption, and exploitation also play an important role in matters as such and simple complaints will not do the job. There have to be stricter and better rules to deal with and take actions against people who make derogatory and hate-filled comments and statements about rape. The necessity to fasten this process is not just increasing amounts of rape cases but also the amount of such sexist and disgusting statements that are made are increasing in society. It is also important to bring about stricter rules so that people understand that actions of behaving and saying things that are hurtful and questionable are not acceptable in society by the people. The people who make such comments need to be held responsible and made to pay a price that brings about some kind of change in them.  

People need to understand that jokes are meant to be harmless and funny. Making jokes about rape is nowhere close to funny. Making jokes, statements need to be thought through, and only then should people speak after considering everything. There is a saying that says that “Think twice before you speak” this needs to be kept in mind of people and should especially be kept in mind by people who hold a lot of power, strength, and influence over people and the society that they are part of directly or indirectly.  

To conclude it is time for people to speak up, bring about awareness, and create a change in society by not hiding and speaking about things such as rape so that the taboo, superstitions, negative and bad ideas, perspectives, and thought processes about rape is erased from the society and the world becomes a better place to live for everybody.   


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