The Gift Of Sharing and Giving

The year is coming to an end and we can all say it is nothing less than a roller coaster ride of so many different things. If we look back, we all have had our share of happiness, grief, excitement, anger, joy, blues, and so many more things. Each one has had it just in different quantities. Before we start our New Year and new adventures, we all have one small thing to do so that there is the hope of change and betterment when we move forward. The small thing I am referring to is sharing and giving. As Leonard Nimoy says and I quote “The more we share, the more we have”  

During this festival celebration of the year let it be it Christmas, Diwali, or Eid it is time that we all spread our hands forward to help by sharing and giving to those people in need. By doing this we not only make our lives better but also the people whom we are helping and also the society and the world. When we share and give, we make the world a happier, peaceful, and joyous place to live. When a festival is celebrated, it should not be limited to those just of a better class but also to the people who are trying to make their lives better by working hard every single day and trying to meet with the fast-growing world. Let us understand this on a more detailed note.

Why is it important to share and give?

The first and foremost thing that one should understand is that when a person shares or gives one should do it selflessly. There should not be any ulterior motive or expectation of any kind of praise, reward, or anything else in expectation of return. The other thing that people should keep in mind while sharing and giving is to do it with all their heart. It should be done out of kindness and happiness not because there is a requirement or just for the sake of it. This might sound very typical but when children see their parents share and give then they learn a lot and even make it their habit. Sharing and giving is not something that kids should learn and leave it aside rather it is a thing that a child should learn, imbibe, and make use of it in their lives at the very end. The contentment and the joy and happiness that one feels from within are very powerful and can even influence the way a person sees and behaves positively. The importance of sharing and giving cannot come at a better time when the world is slowly becoming mechanic, selfish, and greedy. It is the process of sharing and giving that makes us human beings more humane and evolved than other species. The idea of sharing and giving should remain intact until the very end of everything if we want to have a better future not just for the future generation but also for ourselves

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Sharing and giving during the pandemic.

The pandemic is not over yet and it managed to put a big pause on our robotic life. The pandemic made us realize the amount of destruction and pain we have caused to nature and other living creatures in the name of development and progress. It is not that development and progress are bad but it will be harmful if we lose the very essence of living and being ourselves. The pandemic created havoc, something that nobody expected or was ready for the destruction that it is causing. It was this very pandemic that made us realize the importance of humanity and the importance of sharing and giving during tough times. By sharing and giving, we were uniting as one and made us realize that only through togetherness and hard work will we be able to fight the virus. We realized during this time that sharing and giving was not just related to materializing things but rather more important things such as sharing our thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that more people could open up and acknowledge their feeling and emotions as well and give so much more important to mental health than we ever did.  We realized that when many people come forward to give the pressure of it reduces and the quantity and quality of things get better and thereby we can help more and more people are safe and secure. When scientists, doctors, and other front line workers shared their ideas and perspectives and also made sure to give their hundred percent by constantly working hard day and night that it was possible to reduce the death toll, bring down the positive cases and get back some sense of normalcy back. I can go on and on about how sharing and giving have had a major positive impact during the pandemic. Let us all go back to the memory of the very first year of the pandemic and the present. So That we can see and understand how we have had so many small and big instances of our lives where you have shared or given to someone or someone has shared and given something to you. This is when we understand that these actions have not only made each other’s lives better but also strengthened the relationships with people around us.

All of these things being said we also need to remember and make sure to follow that we do not need a major event or anything big to happen to share and give. Rather I think it should come from the space of responsibility and duty towards the society and the world that is constantly playing a role in our growth and development. When a person truly with a good heart and mind without any motive shares and gives then it speaks a lot about their personality and their character. One does not have to do many things to share and give. They can just spend their weekend in an orphanage enjoying and playing with the children there or one can go to the orphanage and spend some peaceful and fun time with all the people there. Even giving your toys and clothes that you do not use to someone who requires them can make such a big difference and impact.

In the end when someone does something big or small towards a positive change then it always makes an impact and difference in the whole world. It will always be there. To conclude with a thought-provoking quote by Robert Brault where he says and I quote “The willingness to share does not make one charitable rather it makes one free”


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