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 As Jill Abramson rightfully says and I quote, “A dog can span you out of any bad kind of mood that you are in faster than you can think of”. This article is going to be a joyous treat to all animal lovers, dog lovers, dog parents who own a dog or not, and I hope this article encourages everyone out there to have a dog at least once in their lifetime. The joy, happiness, love, and trust one receives from a dog whether it is a street dog or even their pet is beyond one’s imagination and belief.

The fruitfulness and contentment that one receives through a dog’s love make us truly wonder whether these beautiful animals are a gift to humankind. One will understand the true meaning of love and compassion through a dog. A dog never sees which religion, caste, class, or hierarchy humans with whom they try to be friends. Dogs only see the goodness and good heart inside a person. Dogs are the most selfless animals that we can ever find on this planet. Sometimes it honestly mind boggles me how dogs descend from the most ferocious and dangerous animal like wolves. A dog’s love will always be unconditional and pouring whether they belong to large breeds or small breeds. Dogs are those creatures that do not need words or sentences to show us what they feel and what they want. They just do things that make us happy without saying a single word. That is their hidden beauty and strength. Let us understand more about dogs through this article.

Are dogs ferocious?

Well according to me, the answer would be a no. However, dogs descend from the wolves they are said to be more accommodative and accustomed to the human habitat. Then you must all be wondering how we have cases of dogs getting ferocious and angry. The answer to this query is very simple. It is mostly how a person trains their dog. If the dogs are trained to react with bites to a threat then they may be very ferocious and dangerous to strangers even if the family members know them. There is also special training that is given to police and other force-related dogs so that they are trained in the right way for all the unexpected situations these dogs need to handle during their service. There is also this constant myth and belief that large breed dogs like the German Sheppard, Bull Dog, Rottweiler, and Pit Bulls are ferocious and dangerous dogs. This cannot be considered true under all circumstances because it all depends on the kind of environment, people, and the way these dogs are taught to behave which also needs to be highly considered. Another reason why dogs do get ferocious is their experiences whether they are street dogs or even pet dogs. If they have been abused or hurt by other people the dogs are ferocious and dangerous. They use their instincts as a means of defense mechanism to protect themselves and keep themselves safe. In short, dogs are not ferocious it is how they are trained and exposed to different factors that play a major role in their behavior.

Role of a dog in a family

The role of a dog in a house is not just looking after and safeguarding the house. It is much more than that. For instance during the pandemic when we all were locked and cooped up in our house and couldn’t go out it was not just dogs but all those people who had pets in their house who had so much more love, compassion, and enjoyment than houses without pets. Even people who were staying alone decided to get small or large breed according to their requirements and are showing better mental health and positivity around them rather when they were alone. A dog can make anyone and everyone happy by just existing around them. Several reports and research done have shown that dogs have a positive impact on the environment, feelings, thoughts, and emotions of all the family members of the house. Several reports have also shown that when children grow and develop around dogs they learn things like love, compassion, trust, friendliness, which all play a very important role in the proper growth and development of a child. Dogs tend to teach things to children things that often are looked over or difficult to teach as human beings.

I have mentioned just a few examples of how important the role of a dog is in a family but there is so much more that one will discover when they have a dog around them. I have just managed to mention the role of a dog in a family; however, there is so much more these beautiful animals do in our society and world, which is beyond comparison.

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Should one adopt or buy a dog?

This question has also always been there and asked so many times by so many people to other people. My answer to this question is very simple. ALWAYS CHOOSE TO ADOPT RATHER THAN BUY. When a person adopts a dog, they are not just doing a good thing for the dog but also for themselves. When you adopt a dog, you consider them more than a pet. Their value is not just limited to money but to so much more of feelings, emotions, and love that are needed in this industrialized world. Yes, the fact that when you adopt a dog the process can be tedious and even requires a lot of effort but once the connection has been made all the effort and struggle will be so fruitful that you will always cherish it for life. You can always choose to adopt an indie dog or a specific breed dog; there is no harm in doing both. If you choose to buy a dog then it is always recommended to look at these loving animals beyond their monetary value.

One of the most important thing that everyone need to keep in mind is, there is much more to do for these animals than just adopting them or buying them and giving them food and shelter. A pet parent has to be very responsible, dedicated to looking after their dogs or any other animal for that matter, and must keep a check on even the tiniest thing about these animals that are not looking for anything more than love, trust, and compassion.

One can go on and on about dogs who are like disguised angels from heaven who have come to look after us humans and provide an emotional sense to this materialized world. To conclude with a beautiful quote by M.K Clinton where he says and I quote “The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog”  


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