How was your 2021?

Since we all are dealing with the pandemic since 2020, it has been almost two years that most of us are not that social. There has not been much communication with most of the people that we used to before the pandemic. Follow these tips to spread happiness among those who put efforts to make your 2021 a year:

  1. Greet: Make a greeting card for one of your friends, or family members. you can also make a colllage of your pictures that represents the best moments together. If you are not much good at making cards then you can do these online as there are some websites that provide customized greeting cards.
  2. Show Gratefulness: Be grateful to those who always have put effort into your relationship. It can be anyone your parents, siblings or friends. Thank them for being always there for you.
  3. Surprise: you can plan gifts for anyone. It can be the people who have been always happy to help you like watchmen, milkmen, vegetable sellers etc.
  4. Plan a trip: It would have been a lot many days that you went out with one of your family members or friends so plan a trip or a nightout or a party at home to recollect all the memories together.
    Likewise you can enjoy the last days of the year and refresh yourself before your the new year starts and be ready for the new challenges to face!!

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