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When global warming gets you down, come back stronger – Climate Change:  Vital Signs of the Planet

Have you been feeling the change in the weather recently? Like it is summer but it is getting chilly cold and in winter, you see the hot bright sun shining. By this, you probably have understood what I am trying to talk about today. This article is about something that we have taken for granted for so many years. Yes, I am talking about global warming. Before I start with this article, it is important to quote Eliot Spitzer and it goes as “Global warming threatens our Earth, our economy, our natural resources, and our children’s future. It is clear we must act now.” The present condition of our Earth and its state is proof that the time has come to act and bring about changes before it is too late and it goes out of our hands.

The most basic understanding of global warming is the gradual increase of the heat of the surface of the Earth due to greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. We have already reached the point where we can no longer say that we are not feeling the effect of global warming in our daily lives because we clearly do and it and we can see it right in front of our eyes. Some change and improvement are desperately needed if do not want this Earth completely falling apart.

Things that cause global warming

None of this means that progress, development, and industrialization are bad. We cannot function without moving forward but it is also necessary to see the way we are moving ahead. If we are moving ahead by damaging and destructing mother nature then it is high time that we think about the ways that we are using to move ahead. It is necessary to keep in mind nature, environment, and other species while we are moving forward towards a better future.

So many things cause global warming. Even the simplest things such as leaving the tap water running while you are brushing, washing clothes also play a major role in causing global warming. Not many people realize but when they leave their fans on, running their AC even when it is not hot outside plays a very important role in increasing global warming. Suppose we are driving our petrol or diesel car or scooter and you are waiting in the signal. If you switch off your vehicle while waiting then it is great but if you do not then it is a high time you think about your actions. The reason I am saying this is that when you leave your vehicle engine running then the fossil fuel that is burning is causing a lot of damage not just through the factor of pollution but also in the factor of global warming. Consumption done by us as an individual, society, state, country, and the entire world plays a major role in global warming. If you are wondering how this is possible then the answer to this question is very simple. When the consumption increases, the waste, production, etc also increases thereby creating more hazards and pressure on the resources, which has a direct impact on our planet. Not just the small things, even bigger things like mining, deforestation, clearing of rich and dense land all have a major role in increasing global warming. So many more things that can come into this category here that destroys mother Earth in the name of progress and development.

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The effects of global warming

The effects of the damage that we have been making are evident. Keeping a blind eye towards it as we have been doing for so many years and generations now are not going to help or benefit us in any way. The slow and the gradual melting of the large chunks of the iceberg in the glaciers are the hard-standing proof of the truth and reality. So many species like the polar bear, seals, penguins lost their home and we as the developed species did very little to bring about a positive impact for these creatures. The next destruction we saw was wildfires so many of them that now we hold a large list of them. Due to this the ecosystem went out of line, so many distinct and crucial species of birds, animals, and even plants became extinct and were on the list of endangered. The measures and plans did very little to cover the damage. Over the years, we have seen a major rise in earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, all around the world. This created major havoc not just during the normal time but also during the pandemic. These situations and crises cannot be put aside and dealt with them only when they occur. The most recent occurrence of dormant volcanoes erupting stands as proof that things are not getting any better but rather much worse than before and it is time we act on it.

Bringing about a reduction in the impact and effects of global warming.

Now that we have understood, how global warming is creating such a negative impact and effect on our planet it is time we bring about some changes in the way we humans work. Even the simplest thing of bringing about awareness on global warming and its effects can play a major role in bringing about some change. We are seeing that happening in the present time. People around the world are spreading awareness, and because of that, political leaders and governments around the world are making serious plans and measures to reduce global warming and reconnect with nature. Small changes in our lifestyles such as using rainwater harvesting, public transport, electric vehicles, carpooling, keeping a check on our consumption, protecting our environment, using recyclable, things and so many more things can play a huge role in reducing global warming and make this planet beautiful and nature-loving as it has always been. Time has come that we human beings stop our atrocities, exploitation of nature and our planet Earth before things are not in our hands anymore, and then comes the destruction of no escape.

There is an urgent need for action not just by people of higher power but every single person living on this planet. It is only then we can see a brighter, happier, and beautiful future. To conclude with an important quote by Al Gore as he says and I quote “The story of humankind and our relationship to Earth may be seen as a continuing adventure or a tragedy shrouded in mystery. The choice is ours.”


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