BORED at Hostel?, Watch these web-series with your friends.

In this Pandemic, People are afraid to go out in public places especially students who are living in Hostels and PGs. They have no options other than to stay in the hostel. I assure you in this post you will come to know about some of the best web-series to watch and add some spice and flavors to the boring hostel life.

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Bored at hostel? Here are some of the shows which you can watch with your friends.

1.Hostel Daze


Hostel Daze is the Accurate Depiction of Hostel Life. It is a comedy genre series which is available to watch on Amazon Prime. Hostel Daze is a story which connects us to the life of Three hostel inmates who have just joined the college. Hostel Daze Shares with us challenges of freshers which they face from seniors , Believe me your stomach will hurt a lot from laughing right from the first episode. The First Season revolves around Ankit who struggles and wants to create an identity of himself in the college. In the second season, All the MCs Ankit, Chiraag and Jaat become seniors and go to their home for Vacations and miss having fun with each other. It received huge love from the audience when it was released. There are 2 seasons to this incredible show and has 9 episodes in total for 2 seasons and You can watch it on Amazon Prime.

2. College Romance

College Romance | TVF

COLLEGE ROMANCE, Another treasure from the house of TVF Originals. College Romance is not any ordinary story about falling in love or falling out of love. College romance is a package which includes comedy, serious drama, suspense and perfect characters for their roles. It is a story about 5 friends who pull pranks on each other get into fights with and for each other but ultimately choose to stay together like real friends would. There is a lot of cussing and swearing in it and this is the best part about this show. A character from the show ‘Bagga’ is the center pillar of this show. The show can be watched on TVF Originals and on Sony Liv. It has 2 seasons.

3. Immature

TVF has mastered the art of making eminently watchable shows. Immature is like an instant noodles formula: quick to make, easy and scrumptious . Immature follows the story of a boy in his adolescence who has a crush on a girl from her class. It depicts the teenage years of the boys where Parents are the obstacle to fun and Bunking and Bike riding with friends is freedom. This show will guarantee you lots of laughs. Each episode is like a door which opens a new set of challenges in his life as the show progresses towards end. This show can be watched on Mx player for free.


At the end I would just like to say Life can get pretty boring but do not let it keep you from sharing loud laughs with your friends…