Time To Go Wild For Wildlife

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Ever wondered what will happen if all the dense forests and wildlife vanished from this world? The answer is simple. Everything will be destroyed which will be impossible to control. The heading of this article makes it very clear what this article is going to be. A meaningful quote by Anthony Douglas Williams where says, “Animals should not require our permission to live on Earth. Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived.” This has so much value and importance because this is a very fact.

Over the years, humans have grown and are moving forward towards development, progression, industrialization, mechanization and so much more. However, during this process what we have also brought is climate change, an increase in natural disasters, deforestation, scarcity of daily requirements, and so many more problems. The things that we as living beings get from nature, people take it for undeniable grant and constantly misuse it and pollute it with toxicants whether it is air, water, or land. Imagine the time when you are taking a stroll on the beach and you let the cool seawater flow on your feet. Now, imagine the same thing with plastic, waste thrown everywhere would you be able to feel the same beauty and aura of the beautiful sea and land? Well, the answer is no. The way pollution and overconsumption by humans are in a high increase so much so that things are getting very bad not just for us but also for those living creatures who have no role to play in this devastation.

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The threat of wildlife in the water

The seas, ponds, rivers, ocean everything is into pollution day by day. It has become a means of monetary value, and great economy when people are getting to see clear water and fish in it. This is the sad condition of our present times, which needs to change. Not just the water animals that we can see even animals that are deep down in the ocean are also in threatening condition by human activities. Human consumption and production are taking over nature drastically. Let us take some instances, crocodiles, and alligators, which were once common animals, are now in a threatening position because of human activities. Wondering how? Well, many companies make exotic leather out of crocodile and alligator skin. These leathers are in use for the most common accessory such as shoes. It is also commonly used for making handbags, belts, watchbands, wallets, briefcases, jackets, and furniture. Dolphins are supposedly smarter than humans are and are the most beautiful, loving, caring, amazing water mammal we can think of. We do not think twice when we are hurting this harmless mammal while making products such as coats, bags, jackets, waterproof boots and so many more products for human consumption and development. These are just some of the animals that I have put awareness out for their misuse and harm. Many more animals like fishes, sea lions, sharks, whales, corals, octopuses, crabs, squids, and pearls are constantly in use by humans for the production of not just exotic and expensive accessories and items but also for human food consumption. They are put into cultivation in various farms under extremely terrible conditions just for human consumption. I am not saying consumption of seafood is bad. However, I am only asking you to think about the need for expensive and exotic food that is manufactured every day just for the sake of high human consumption.

The threat of wildlife in the land

Words are less to speak about the extinction and pathetic condition of wildlife in the land. All animals in the land are slowly becoming extinct and endangered because of human activities. It is sad to know the kind of things people do for money. I do not even know where to start. Elephants that are considered the creators of the jungle and that hold respect and value among the animal kingdom itself are constantly killed for tusks that are in use for ornaments, and many other things. Lions the kings of the jungle are poached or are even killed just to show power among people. They are killed for their magnificent mane. Tigers, which were once on the brink of being extinct due to excessive killing and poaching, are now slowly regaining their population in the wild due to constant work of protection, awareness, funding, programs and so much more has brought about some change. It is time we start acting for the rest of the animals so that they do not go through the process again. Rhinoceros are strong well-built creatures that are in constant threat every day for their powerful horns and even their hooves.  It is disheartening to see how the actions of some human beings have a grave negative consequence on other people and the ecology overall. There are many more animals I can name such as the cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, panthers, deer, snakes, and other animals that are constantly in danger for their natural gift of beauty. This is not fair for these animals because there is no fault of their yet they suffer the most

The threat of wildlife in the air

Everyone must be wondering how animal species that do not stay very close to us be in the danger. Let me give you an instance. When was the last time you saw sparrows in the city or even fireflies in the evening or colorful butterflies fluttering around early in the morning? All of this sounds like a dream or fantasy. The reason it does is that not all of the things that used to happen before happen anymore and there are several factors for it. Sparrows and common green parrots were captured and then sold as pet animals. Due to the horrible conditions, they were kept in many of these birds died. Crows that were once seen in huge numbers are in small numbers because of the increase of heat in the atmosphere and due to their black feather, they die of exhaustion and stroke. Ostriches, emus, and kiwis are birds that cannot fly are also endangered by humans and their activities. Peacocks, which are the national bird of India, are also not spared. They are killed for their beautiful feathers for human activity. These are just some of the commonly known birds that I have named. Many more birds are exotic and are rare species that have also come under the human radar that is very displeasing.

The reason I have named common wild animals that we might have seen and heard is so that people understand the importance of the problem and take some immediate action. This is necessary so that the animals that we see now do not end up just in pictures for our future generation. I am not saying that development, progress, or industrialization is wrong. However, it does become bad and questionable when other species and animals are endangered, threatened, abused, or at the close end of extinction. Many more animals that are exotic and birds need our attention. I will conclude with a thought-provoking quote that says, “This Earth is made for all beings, not just human beings.”


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