A Resolution On Priority

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As we are moving ahead to a new and better year, we all have made some kind of decisions or resolutions to make our lives better, more progressive, and more successful. Some people have made decisions regarding their physical health betterment. However, how many of us have been making resolutions or decisions to make ourselves better internally and mentally? The numbers are few and it is growing slowly which I am really happy and glad about. Therefore, my article today is going to be about how it is time for us to look after ourselves not just physically but, also emotionally and mentally. It is important to do this because we have no idea how 2022 is going to pan out for all of us. This year the pandemic is teaching us something important which is, putting aside our industrialized and mechanized world and starting caring for ourselves. Before I start a quote by Jack Kornfield, where he says, “If your compassion does not include yourself then it is incomplete”  

The importance of prioritizing oneself.

There have always been constant assumptions that if one prioritizes them then are arrogant and selfish. This is not true in all cases. It is important to look after one emotionally and mentally as if they do of themselves physically. Let me ask you this question if you are physically incapable of doing things will you take a rest and get better by seeking medications and other help or will you just go about it until it gets worse? I am sure most of you will take a rest and relax until you feel better. Then why does no one do the same when they are mentally and emotionally not in the state to do something? People must start asking these questions to themselves and attempt to do things better for themselves internally. Self-care, self –preservation, and self-indulgence do not make an individual evil, bad, selfish, arrogant, or anything else that they are put in association with. When an individual prioritizes, one then they not only makes themselves better but they also make the society and environment a better place to live for others as well.

When an individual spends time with himself or herself they understand how they can make themselves better to deal and cope with things, it helps them work on their strength and weaknesses, helps them deal with issues and problems, not just the ones they are facing outside but even the ones internally as well. These are just some of them that have been put here but there are many more things that happen during the process.  When one learns to prioritize themselves, they become more confident, strong, powerful, trustworthy, etc with themselves, which is such an important to have as human beings. One of the most important things is when we prioritize ourselves, we see ourselves as human beings and not machines. We learn to be understanding, easy, and compassionate to ourselves just like how we are with others.

The reason I am specifying more on emotional and mental health is that even though we are getting progressive and developing we tend not to give enough importance to our mental and emotional health. Yes, with changing years, things are getting better but we can still do more. We often seem to acknowledge our physical health and problems whether they are big or small however, we do not do the same kind of acknowledgment to our mental and emotional health. There are various reasons for it such as cultural or ethnicity bias, societal taboo, fear, and so many more things that play a role in the way we see things. It is time we get over these and start prioritizing and bettering ourselves positively before it is too late. 

An Important Priority during the Pandemic

As we are moving to 2022 and the Pandemic is coming along with us, it becomes even more important for us to look after our overall health of ourselves. The pandemic is somewhere responsible for us to create more importance and awareness towards better mental health. During the pandemic, we all were confiding into four walls. It is during that time that we realized that time how important it is to take a break from our hectic scheduled life and give some time of relaxation ourselves. This was the time when people realized that things can be overwhelming for everybody and it does not make anyone weak. We realized that anyone can have mental problems and it is not bad to have one and seclude them away from society. The taboo of mental health problems and emotional problems has been reducing over the past years because the problems are increasing and people can come over the myths and disbelief that they are holding mental health and that is thanks to information, awareness, and openness to experience change. Prioritizing things that we like and love has been one of the most important things in the lockdown. It could be the simplest thing as cleaning your house, cupboard, or rearranging your clothes, etc, or more intense such as getting back to things one is passionate about such as painting, singing, drawing, etc. It could even be just relaxing oneself and binge-watching shows. Whatever one does it should make them feel better and relaxing. The pandemic has been responsible for really sad, disheartening, and big scars in our lives, which will never leave us, but it has also taught us some important lessons of life, which we should never forget.

My article is not going to be long and it is not going to tell everybody what he or she should do to prioritize themselves. Rather what I am going to tell them is that they should make a point to put it on their resolution list or just a reminder into their daily lives so that we can make this world and ourselves a better place and people to live. We must realize that money, power, success is not the only things that keep our world running and moving ahead. It is also kindness, generosity, compassion, trust that are responsible for keeping this world and people ahead towards a brighter future. To conclude with a beautiful quote by Mandy Hale where she says, “It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It is necessary”


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