This Too Shall Pass

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As the new year of 2022 has arrived after a long triumphant journey of 2021, we all now have the opportunity to write a new story for ourselves. As we start with the first month of January, we all are at the same time gearing up for exams that are going to start very soon. I do not know how many are feeling the stress the moment I say the word “exams” but I for sure feel it every time I think about it. Now that everyone is aware of what I am going to talk about let, we get straight to it. The article is going to be about exam stress and the things we can do to make the situation of exams better for ourselves as individuals.

Why do we stress during exams?

To be very frank and I am not here to blame any government the past or the present, the problem of stress with exams is not just limited to the individual’s ideas and perspectives but the system of education also plays a very important role in it. Today the situation has come to such that if one mug up everything from the textbook and do not understand what they are reading and score well, then people see these individuals with the presumption that they are smart and intelligent. The stress of exams comes from a place of scoring well and not from the place of understanding the subject. I have often heard people saying that if the person has done their entire studying well, then they will not stress about exams. This is not at all true. Every child will stress about exams and it is natural with the competition they are constantly dealing with but what people forget is that each child is different; therefore, the intensity of stressing about exams will also be different. A little amount of stress is good. It helps us be alert and makes sure that we do not take things for granting and put our effort and hard work towards our exams. On the other hand, too much stress about the exam is not good for anybody. It not only affects us emotionally but, also physically and mentally. It might seem very conventional but even till today across the world under so many circumstances students feel a sense of identification with the marks that they score. Therefore, the stress of doing well in exams to meet the expectation of society still exists in the minds of people. I am not saying that people should fail or people should not do well in their exams. What I am saying is that the stress of performing well in exams should not be so much that it creates a sense of fear or over-expectation that will result in something negative. There are several other reasons why one stresses during an exam. It could be personal, familial, cultural, environmental, and so many more. I am not blaming anybody. I am just stating things that are still present in society while we can see slow change and improvement in it. Not many people will agree with what I say and that is completely understandable but it does not mean that this does not exist. It is important for people preparing for exams to understand that exams are not their final ones. We have so much more to learn, understand, and face practically in the real world.

There are so many exams one is going to write in their lives. One cannot be stressing about every exam excessively as it will be harmful to their health not just during that time but in the future as well.

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Things individuals can do to reduce their stress during exams

  1. Understanding the concept: It is very important to understand and learn the concept while reading any subject. Be it math, English, or science. When an individual understands the concept, they will not only be able to answer the direct questions that come during exams but also the twisted or indirect questions that come from the topic. When you understand the concept, you do not learn it only for the period rather you will always remember it and be able to use it practically in the real world.
  2. Clear your doubts beforehand: Make it a point to clear all your doubts before the exams. This way the stress of exams reduces because there is very little space for confusion. When all the clarifications are done the concept becomes clear and easy to understand. Do not ask a doubt because everyone is asking and if you do not ask then you will look like a fool. Do not stop yourself from asking doubts because no one is asking and if you do then you will like a fool. It is time we get past these notions.
  3. Take small breaks: Exams can be very hectic and stressful. Therefore, we must remove the notion that taking small breaks is waste of time because that is not true. Small gaps of break are necessary for our brains to grasp the information and retrieve everything that we understand and learn. A small break helps us to relax and stretch our bodies a little before we start studying again. It has been under the recommendation that taking a 20-minute break during our long hours of study helps us a lot.
  4. Do not skip your meals: Often when people are stressing about something their appetite decreases and they tend to eat less. This factor should come to such a level where people do not eat their meals on time or skip the meal and stressfully study for their exams. Three meals a day is very important because we as individuals tend to use more energy when we are studying. Therefore, to study efficiently we must provide enough amount of food to our bodies.
  5. Do things that you like and make you confident: when a person does things they like and makes, them confident regarding their exams it tends to reduce their stress about it. For example, some people like to write and learn which makes them confident about what they learn for exams while some people like to listen to calming music so that they can learn things peacefully which makes them confident about their exams thereby reducing stress about it. I leave it to the individual of doing the things they like, which makes them confident for their exams and reduces their stress regarding it.

I have mentioned some of the things people can do to reduce their stress during exams. There are so many more things that people can do to make exams less stressful for themselves.

Before I end this article, I would like my readers to remember that many exams shall come and go. Even if you do not do well in one exam, it is not the end of the world. I am not asking you to fail your exams, but even if by chance you do then it is completely okay. As long as you as an individual know that, you have put in your hard work and 100 percent that is that matters. I would like to conclude with a quote that is very important and it says, “Do not be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try.”


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