Throne of Glass Novellas: Throne of glass

The second book in the series, Throne of Glass, is chaotic but beautiful. It tells the story of the gorgeously vicious assassin Celaena Sardothien, whom we have already been familiar with in the previous book. But this tale is nothing like its former, a fresh world if you ask me. Not like the next page of a book, which is new but familiar, this book mirrors a whole new story, though a few points are mentioned from the past in the second half, don’t expect anything from me, I don’t like the idea of me giving you readers any significant spoilers. After all the drama and catastrophes and tragedies in the past book, two things about our protagonist stay the same, her charming sarcasm and her intoxicating personality, which somehow catches up on every character in the book. Literally.

It is usual for Sarah to stop our hearts once or twice as we flip the pages, for this book does exactly that, and every other in the series as well. Nevertheless the tension, drama, and riot of climaxes, this whole book is perfect for a vacay-read, at least for me. If you are just beginning to enter the world of fantasy, or even books as well, this series is perfect for you. It will, somehow, amidst all the suspense, give you purpose. It gave me, I enjoyed my days more, especially during a time like the quarantine, It helped me cope through the days where I felt most lonely and almost on the verge of falling apart. Celaena’s courage, her iridescent confidence, made me a greater person. I started to see beauty in things usually undermined, things considered fallacious. Before reading this series, if anyone told me that an assassin could be the kindest person you’ll ever see, I’d have laughed straight in their face. But, I don’t know-how, this cruel vicious assassin is kind, loving, and almost frustratingly emotional.

Lastly, It’s not a tome with arid, bland, dreary text spit all over the pages, but a heart-throbbing story, of which you’ll surely savor every word.

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