The Fragile Bridge Between News And Truth

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Let me ask you a question. How many of you people still watch news channels on the television every day to get an insight into what is happening? I am sure most people will put out their answers that they do, which is quite an expected answer. Now, would people believe me if I tell them that the news channels that they see every day have news that has a sense of bias? Some people might believe in what I am saying and some people might have reservations about it. To have a better understanding of this idea, today’s article is going to be about is ‘Are news channels biased? If yes then does this affect the way the news is interpreted?’

Purpose of News Channels

The main purpose of news channels is to provide or give information about a certain incident to the audience. The main idea of the establishment of news channels is to show what is happening to the audience because they cannot be there in that place, time, or situation. News channels are supposed to show the true things that are happening in the country and around the world. In the process of building the TRP of their news channel company, they should not change the truth according to their wish and will. We have seen many news companies say that when they are showing the news from a certain perspective they are doing it according to the request of the people. This is certainly not true. Even if the majority of the people have put out a request for the news put out in a certain way, the news channel should take into obligation because that is not the purpose of the news channel. The reason the Doordarshan news channel still runs and is famous among many people is that they present the present news in its true form. The news is all about giving information to the people and the details of the news are present on the channel without any kind of perspective behind it.

Are news channels biased?

Well, according to me yes. News channels are biased. There are many reasons for it. One of the most important reasons why news channels have bias is because various political parties buy them. The governing political party and the opposition party may do the buying as well. This is the reason different news channels are in popularity during different political parties’ rule. If one sits back and looks into this matter this reason is clearly in all news channels. The reason why these news channels are biased is that they are corporate companies and there is always constant competition in the news market. Therefore, to stay up with the market we often observe news channels showing news that has high attention and viewers and they stick to that single news until the very end. It is always in the belief that a higher TRP means a better news channel. This is entirely not true and bias seeps into the news channel. Wondering how? The answer is simple. To keep higher TRP news is in such a manner that the majority agrees to the news and thereby bringing about bias to please the viewers. Here, I am not just referring to the bias we see in the news channels that are in popularity but also the news channels that are not popular. News channel bias has often been responsible for news channels skipping some news and showing some news. There are so many more reasons for news channels to show their bias. I have just shown some of the biases that have fallen under my observation, maybe after reading this article, you will spend some time thinking about it, and while watching the news make your observations and interpretation.

Is it impossible for news channels to be non-biased?

Today’s news channels are making it look impossible for news channels not to have any bias. Well, this is something I will not agree to. News had been presented without any bias before and it can still be done today. News channels can present the news without any bias when there is no motive behind presenting that news. When news are shown without any divisions such as pleasing a certain race, ethnicity, religion, etc then it becomes much easier for news channels to be less biased. It is not impossible for news channels not to show any bias. Instead of showing news to a particular incident, if the news channels make their presentation overall then, things will get much easier for these news channels. I am not going to deny that TRP is very important for all news channels. However, in the process of having a higher if news channels prefer to bring in bias in their news then the news channels often become invalid and lose their importance among the larger audience though they are stilling maintaining a high TRP with the majority of people. I am not going to name any political party but we have seen this happening. Over the years, we have seen many news channels showing that they show news without any bias but as they move into popularity then they tend to bring about bias indirectly, and when there is no change regarding this problem, it seeps in and becomes a part of the news channel.

If the news channels move forward or bring about a change in the way news is shown to the people and believe there will be no audience then I believe this interpretation is wrong. Society is changing, people are changing, and their thinking and the way things are being seen are changing. I feel the youth is slowly becoming more aware and open and therefore it is time news is brought about in a new and different way that contains no bias and brings in acceptance among everyone. The process to bring about this change is not going to be easy but it is not impossible.

I would like to conclude with an important quote by Jim Rohn where says, “For things to change, one has to change.”  


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