The Perfect Body

All day all night we hear people talk how important it is to have a healthy body and heart. How companies market their products on the prospect of delivering a healthy and fit body, mind and heart. But all these advertisement, marketing etc, are they really about the healthy body? Or are they only about the perfect body? The body which is popularly accepted and appreciated view of a healthy body is taken as the perfect body. Ever since the beginning of the human life, individuals have been involved in various physical activities not just to feed them self but also to stay healthy and fit and in this light the GYM culture was born. But as time progressed and humans got an understanding of beauty and gorgeous body they started with the obsession of having and making other people know about their perfect body. This obsession could be more dangerous than any other addiction.

Bollywood Influence=

As beings grow up and realise that the bollywood culture is all about the body that could serve as the apt body for a dancer, a model, an actor, they start struggling for this body. The bollywood influences not only the perspective a person has about overall aspect of perfect body but also they serve as the base for the self complex that people face after they find out that getting the perfect body isn’t a true reality but sometimes rather a myth. The actors toil hard in getting their shape right for all the right reasons of portraying their best selves but as they devote their entire time for it, it might look effortless to achieve. But when individuals fail in getting near to that perfect body they start hating themselves and end up with their worst self, not physically but mentally.

Societal Pressures=

However blaming bollywood for every other thing isn’t the goal. But rather is to highlight the fact that bollywood gets its movies from the society around and hence, it is actually the society that manifests a type of body as the perfect body. We see older men and women commenting mercilessly on the younger generations’ body and eating habits. Though correcting them for their wrongs might be okay sometimes but completely rejecting their bodies for they do not serve rightly on their perception of perfect body is erroneous. They body shame not the ones who are overweight or underweight but even the one who discard their standard of beauty and perfectness. The uncles and aunties in the mask of wanting the welfare of the children of their ‘family’ stoop low to another level.

Self love=

Today with people coming out with their stories of distress and anxiety because of the kind of body they have, many organisations and individuals have been promoting the values of body positivity and self love. Body positivity is about accepting who you are and loving thee body as god made it. Though exercising might help in increasing stamina and keeping you happy and healthy but body positivity is about exercising with the love for the body and not the hate, it is about working out for own happiness and not because our body is flawed. Self love is actually the key to the perfect body- a body that is healthy, free of diseases, with a happy heart and liberated mind.