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We hear or see quotes or statements through social media posts, stories, messages, etc. We find these readings sometimes meaningful or sometimes it is very cliché. However, they do have a lot of importance or have come true in our daily lives even if we do not realize it. Today my topic is going to be something along these lines. Whether we accept it or not one of the greatest teachers in our life is our life itself. Nobody can teach us better than our own experiences in our lives. What we go through as individuals is something that will help us grow, develop, and change for our betterment. Today we are going to discuss the life lessons that we have learned during the pandemic.

Life during the pandemic

Our life during the pandemic has been nothing but a big, dangerous, and very long roller coaster that nobody was ready for in their fast pace life. The pandemic is responsible for the changes that we see in our lives. Nothing is the same anymore. The pandemic has been there for almost two years now and we as human beings are still trying to adapt and get in touch with the new normal. The pandemic is responsible for teaching many new things and even remembering the things that we first made a point to learn and follow and then eventually we human beings forgot about it. The pandemic is one situation that is responsible for reminding us that though we consider ourselves the superior and most powerful creatures, there is nobody that can stand against nature, not even we human beings.

 The pandemic made us realize that we are not something away from nature rather we are a part of nature and mother earth. Pandemic acts as the harsh mirror that we had to face at some point in time. During the pandemic, people have had a large amount of suffering and pain, which has no comparison to anything. We had so many things that made us happy but there were much more things that made us all sad and think about human beings being the smartest animal in the world. It might sound that I am exaggerating but life during the pandemic is very stressful. One of the most important reasons for this is because stressors that have a negative impact on individuals not just were internal but also external that too with a lot of intensity. A person regardless of their class, caste, country, religion has had a really tough and unimaginable amount of things affecting them during the pandemic. The pandemic shows us that the things that we are so selfish, greedy, and proud of will be nothing if human beings cannot look after their nature and mother earth.

The other thing that needs consideration is that this is not the first pandemic that the human population has come across during their existence on this planet. As and when man has attempted to overpower nature and its cycle, we as human beings have seen the consequences. Yet, we still seem to be making the same mistake even after we have had our part of consequences. Yes, the making of the vaccines to these various pandemics is a big milestone in human evolution but what we fail to understand is that most of the pandemics happen because of our actions of messing with nature and mother Earth. A famous saying written by us human beings ourselves is something that has been forgotten and needs to be put out there which is “Prevention is better than cure” I do not have to go on and on about life during the pandemic because each one of us has had a first-hand experience of it. However, what I would like to go about is how important it is for people to realize their mistakes, make changes that will help us connect to nature and our surroundings, etc so that the future generation will at least remember them as history and be more confident and proudly works towards things that help avoid further pandemics.

The pandemic has been a part of all our lives and therefore has been responsible for teaching some lessons that we should make a point to never forget and make a discipline that is a part of our daily lives.

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Life Lessons we learned during the pandemic

  1. Kindness: One of the most important life lessons that we learned again as human beings was about the importance of kindness. Every single individual during their childhood has learned in their textbook that being kind is a part of good manners that we should inculcate with time. However, as we grow up we forget what we learned as kids because as we grow up we learn more complicated things that we need to remember to score well and do well in life. The pandemic taught us how none of the things matter if we are not kind not just to other people but also to ourselves.
  • Generosity: Another important lesson that we learned during the pandemic was generosity. We understood the importance of being generous so that everyone gets basic facilities during tough times. Being generous does not make a person great, it just makes them humane and normal. When a person is generous, there is a sense of happiness that is no comparison with anything else. I think we understood the true meaning of generosity during the pandemic.
  • Compassion: A very important life lesson we learned during this pandemic was compassion. Love and understanding are some of the things that we forgot about in our mechanic lives. We during the pandemic realized the importance of love and understanding that we need to have not just for other people but also more importantly for ourselves. We learned to be compassionate towards animals during these tough times. Street dogs would have had a tough time living during the lockdown if it is not for the compassionate people giving them food and shelter.
  • Trust: Trust is something we had lost tremendously during our life when there was no pandemic. The pandemic made us realize the importance of trusting people. We learned to trust doctors with our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We learned to trust the immense research done by scientists who made the life-changing vaccines. We learned to trust our instincts and ourselves during the pandemic. We as human beings learned to trust the process even though it was difficult, painful, and life-threatening every single day.
  • Importance of Family and Friends: While we all were, confined to the four walls of our house, we understood how easy and granted we had taken the people around us such as our family and friends. We understood the importance of time and how need to take some time off from our busy schedule to spend time with people who mean everything to us and play a role in our personal life. During this pandemic, we have lost a lot of people who we love, value, and respect, therefore; we have to learn to value our time and our people.

I have just mentioned the five most important life lessons that I have seen, learned, and observed during the pandemic. I am sure everybody else has learned much more than this. Yes, the experience we have had is the most terrible one however, we should use this experience of our pandemic to make sure things get better for everybody and life becomes much more peaceful, harmonious, and worth living not just for us human beings but every single living thing on this planet.

To conclude, let us remember the things we learn through life and experience so that, life slowly gets better for us and every single person gets their happiness, fulfillment comes back.


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