A Virtual Reality

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As Neil DeGrasse Tyson rightfully says, “Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets.” We human beings have constantly been growing and developing rapidly for generations now. One of the most things that we are constantly moving ahead with us is technology. The number of tabs, mobiles, phones, laptops that roll out in a few months is so many in our daily live themselves. Electronic gadgets once were a just medium however, now it is a necessity for every single human being. By this, I think the readers have some kind of idea about my topic for today’s article. It is about how electronic gadgets have become a part of our daily lives and even more during the pandemic.

Human life and electronic gadgets

Remember the time when having a phone used to be a privilege. We knew all the phone numbers through our strong memory. The only time that we used to get phones in our hands was when our parents were not using them and we could play all the games on them. Electronic gadgets then were a means of getting the work done or for communication. From standing in one place and using the landline to being able to move around with a mobile phone we have come a long way. Electronic gadgets have come a long way with human civilization. However, by coming along with us they have also managed to seep into our lives so much that now mobile phones, laptops have become more than just their purpose. They have not just become a part of our world but they are also our world now.

I was casually scrolling through social media when I came across this post showing a mom during the earlier times pulling us inside the home while the childe still was playing and a parallel image of the present where the mom is pushing out of the house to go and play outside. This might sound very typical and cliché but it is the reality. The virtual world has immensely taken over our real world. The games that we once used to play on the road is something that now children play on video game. Electronic gadgets have not just brought bad things but also an immense amount of good things. People do not have to spend a lot of time searching for information rather; it is now readily available at our fingertips. A cinematic experience is now available in the comfort of our own houses because of the various electronic gadgets that have come about to make our lives more comfortable and luxurious. We do not have to remember every single phone number these days. Just a small click and all the numbers are right with us anywhere, anytime, and any place.

With the invention of electronic gadgets, it slowly became a means of provision, entertainment, etc by the establishment of apps. Today, the virtual world of apps and online businesses has an immense amount of impact on our real-world not just physically but also mentally, emotionally, financially, and economically. Due to apps and electronic gadgets people can be a part of every sector such as clothing, footwear, food, appliances, language, culture, world, etc. Electronic gadgets and apps have made our lives easier, simpler, and more accessible. It is maybe due to this that these days electronic gadgets have become inevitably an important and major part of our lives.

The reason electronic gadgets whether it be television, radio, mobile phones, laptops, washing machines, etc are known as a necessary evil these days is because it has made it possible to increase human efficiency and productivity but at the same time is harmful to not just human beings, but also to nature and other living species of plants and animals. The improvement of technology, gadgets, etc has brought about so many solutions and yet so many problems that needs tackling and handling for the future generation to survive in the coming generations.

Electronic gadgets and the virtual world has been responsible for bringing human civilization together and are also responsible for bringing about division, hierarchy in human civilization. Electronic gadgets and the virtual world plays an important role in bringing about good in society but also play the same amount role in bringing about the bad things as well. It has connected us and disconnected us at the same time.

Therefore, it is very important to realize that human beings need to have the same amount of responsibility, carefulness, etc that they have in the real world to be present in the virtual world as well.

Let me ask all the readers out there, ‘What would happen if this necessary evil as we call it became our only means of dependency and daily living?’ Well, the answer is simple. Whatever is happening right now due to the pandemic would happen if we think about it. The dependency and the increase in the virtual world becoming our real world is because of the pandemic that we are still a part of even today. The pandemic has made it impossible to live without electronic gadgets these days.

Let us understand more about this.

How Cloud Technology Helps Connect People and Reduces Isolation

The Real virtual world during the pandemic.

Remember the times when our parents constantly were annoyed about the amount of time children spend on their phones and laptops? During the pandemic, it even got worse. Children’s screen time amount drastically increased during the pandemic. They spent time attending classes online and even spent the rest of the time on electronic gadgets because it was not safe during the pandemic to go outside. Their daily real world was constantly revolving in the virtual world and this brought about an immense amount of stress and uneasiness among children. The real world becoming the virtual world was not just for students, children but also for adults who were working regardless of which sector they were working in.

The real and the virtual world becoming one was a big problem especially for the lower economic class. Electronic gadgets do not come cheap and during the pandemic education, business and everything else became online which made it even more difficult for these people to survive and keep up with other people. Students from small towns and villages found it very difficult to survive in the real virtual world because they did not have access, products, or connection that would help them move forward with other kids.

The consumers during the real virtual world had a drastic increase, which brought about inefficient production. I have only mentioned the education sector but there are many more sectors that are very affected due to the virtual and the real world coming together as one.

The real and the virtual world becoming one are a boon and a pain at the same time. This was because it kept us safe and protected but at the same time brought about more amount of problems during the same time. Virtual reality has not had a conclusion yet. We are still fighting the pandemic and trying to bring about recovery from the losses and struggles that we have been facing for almost two years now. The only thing is that we are now more adaptable to the virtual and real-world coming together through experience.

To conclude with a hopeful note that, it is time we human beings act more responsibly, carefully, wisely so that we can overcome the pandemic time and through the lessons, we have learned during this time bring about some positive change and awareness and make our world a better place for everyone.


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