Choosing The Right Perfume


Perfume plays a vital role, it act as a feel good factor that instantly lifts one’s state of mind.Since the beginning of time, perfume has been used for its fragrance, helping to neutralize body odors and ensuring that you smell good all day long.

Usually, perfumes describe odours from flowers or certain other things that belongs to the nature.For instance, A pine-scented perfume has a much stronger or heavier scent. Lilac scent is very close to perfume, but it has a more neutral connotation, making it more applicable.

For centuries, vanilla has been used as a natural aphrodisiac. It is no surprise, then, that men find it pleasing to smell in women.One major myth is that only costly perfumes are effective, but the truth is that it depends on who uses it.For some people it may last longer whereas in others it may last only for a while.It has nothing to do with the perfume.The secret lies in choosing right perfume that serves best for us.

Knowing the fragrance :

According to Dr. Hirsch, “Sweet and tasty scents are familiar to Women.If you are looking for a perfume that lasts longer, then undoubtedly you can go for perfumes made with musk, vanilla or amber. Musk, a fixative in perfumery is one of the most expensive animal products in the world.It is obtained from the musk pod, a gland in the abdomen of the male musk deer that inhabits a pouch, or sac, under the skin.Fresh musk is semiliquid, but dries to a grainy powder which compared with woodsy and earthy smells.It is said to smell like a baby’s skin.

An ambergris is a fossilized whale’s faeces that is often described as being musky and having a sweet earthy aroma or a mossy smell reminiscent of soil near a forest.Initially, ambergris has a marine, faecal smell. It ages to acquire a sweet, earthy scent similar to rubbing alcohol without the vaporous astringency.

How to choose the right perfume?

It might be slightly complicated, but it is worth the effort.With respect to time, the fragrance that linger on after the application of a perfume, can be divided into three categories as top, intermediate and base.Perfume notes are ingredients that make up a fragrance.

The top note of a scent represents the very first impression. Generally, the lightest note of all which is recognised immediately upon application of a perfume. The most common scents include citrus, light fruits and herbs.In perfumery, intermediate notes are generally pleasant and well-rounded with a blend of floral and fruity tones; sometimes spiced with hints of woodiness.

It is said to be the heart of the fragrance, and lasts longer than top notes.Base notes appear while the top notes have evaporated and mix with the heart notes to create a complete fragrance picture. Typically cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla, amber, and musk are the most common base notes.

FRESH FRAGRANCES: Characterised by freshness and lightness, this group of scents is commonly known by their citrus or green notes. Often made from lemon, orange and bergamot; then accented with herbal tones to revive the senses.These perfumes evoke the senses for that jolt of crispness. Wear them on brunch dates or when you kick back by the pool.These include citrus, water, green and fruity flavours.

EARTHY & WOODY FRAGRANCES: Wild aromatic perfumes are often light in top notes, but filled with deep notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and oak moss to provide an air of sophistication and luxury. When evening comes, this strong, opulent scent will accent your date-night outfit.A scent with wood notes including cedar wood, oak moss and sandalwood. Woody notes are built upon a base of bark and moss, conjuring images of winding forest trails.

WARM & SPICY FRAGRANCES: This decadent blend features an earthy, animalistic base scent such as musk or ambergris, frequently combined with warm notes such as amber.Make an entrance at dinner with a perfume that is bold yet mysterious.

FLORAL FRAGRANCES: From a lone flower petal to a bouquet of flowers, floral scents are made for girly girls . They can be single notes, but usually blend the fragrances of various flowers such as lavender, rose, violet and jasmine to create a classy fragrance with a feminine appeal.When you want to leave a lasting impression, spritz on these light and slightly sweet scents.

How to Make the perfume Last Longer ?

While every perfume evaporates after few hours, few hacks can help you to retain the smell longer.

-Use petroleum jelly as a base for perfume, as it makes the perfume adhere to your skin.
-When you spray fragrance on your body immediately after a bath, your pores will be opened and your skin will be warm, allowing the perfume to absorb into your body.
-The scented area should be rubbed to reactivate the fragrance after a few hours.
-It is best to apply perfume directly to pulse points such as the wrists, navel, and collarbones in order to make it last longer.

Things to remember while choosing a perfume:

  • If you are unsure about a fragrance, don’t commit until you have smelled the base notes.
  • Whenever possible, mix and match your perfumes from different families. You should always change your perfume according to the seasons.
  • Choose your perfume with patience, as it is going to travel with you for a long period of time.
  • When we go on a perfume shopping spree in the evening, our sense of smell is sharper, since the air at that time is warmer and we are more able to smell the scents.
  • Do not spray the perfume directly on your skin without first spraying on a card and smelling it. After ten minutes, smell it again and only spray on your skin if you find it appealing.

Things to avoid while choosing perfume :

  • Try not to test out too many perfumes at once. Make a few visits to the perfume counter, sniff the jars of coffee beans on the counter, and then take another whiff. This allows your nose to breathe, clearing the olfactory perception s between the tests of different perfumes.
  • It is important to consider your skin type as well before choosing a perfume. Perfumes dissipate faster on drier skin tones, so a perfume oil with higher concentrations will have a greater impact.
  • When you smell a perfume on others, there’s a possibility that it won’t smell right on you. Perfumes come alive after mixing with your body heat and pheromones. That’s why every fragrance will smell differently on each person.