Self love, which is the “consideration of one’s own happiness or advantage” is a basic human necessity. It is a kind of appreciation for oneself that results in the well being of one’s physical, psychological and spiritual self. It includes actions and thoughts which is for one’s own needs and not sacrificing one’s well being to please others. The habit of self love and self appreciation is considered as compulsory for the psyche of human. Because people who love themselves are less likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and such similar psychological conditions. It also lessens procrastination and increases the focus to work.

Loving oneself is a different task, but to develop the habit is easy. One of the practice to develop self love is to stop comparing oneself with others. This comparison is natural, but if it sometime leads to danger. There is no need for comparison because every individual is unique m Apart from this one needs to focus on his or her self energy and spirit. Neglecting other’s opinion is also an important habits with regard to self love. Constructive criticism is important for one’s personality development. But worrying about other’ opinion and thinking what the society thinks before doing anything is a bad practice. It is human to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. With each mistakes one learn each lessons. So the freedom to do mistakes is an important factor in self love. Good decision making, forbidding how one’s body look, avoidance of toxic people, understanding and rejecting fears and finding beauty in simple things are some steps to develop the habit of self love.

Another important factor is the freedom to feel pain and happiness equally. Limitations in feelings like happiness, pain and fear are dangerous. It is human to experience every emotion in its fullest form. These experiences will make one to realize oneself. Giving priority to oneself is a good practice. Even though it is in every one, women is more accustomed to putting other’s first.

When a person practices self love, others will also start feeling love with himself or herself. As a result of this one’s confidence increases and it leads to success in professional and personal life. It helps to understand one’s passion and this habit attracts others. Thus self love is a necessary habit in one’s physical psychological and spiritual well being.

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