Jude Anthony Joseph’s 2021 Malayalam film Sarah’s is making a revolutionary turn in Malayalam cinema by changing the notions of pregnancy, abortion and motherhood. The protagonist Sarah is a woman who is not willing to get pregnant and to bcome a mother. As she gets older day by day this decision gets stronger. she even marries a man on this agreement. The tension arises when she becomes pregnant, by a contraceptive failure. But even after this Sarah is stronger with her opinion of her own pregnancy, but her husband, family and the society compells her to continue this pregnancy without considering her opinion. But towards the end the decision made by Sarah on her pregnancy is something revolutionary. This kind of representation of womanhood and motherhood is very rare in Mollywood.

Through the character of Sarah the film portrays the fact that women are not just medium of reproduction. The direction also shows themes like modern sexual relations, legal side of abortions etc. Through the medium of satire the movie comments on old notions of motherhood. And also states that there is no need to glorify motherhood, if that affects the mental physical and emotional state of mother. The movie says that parenthood is not a social norm. The film even not glorifies abortion. It opens a discussion that when and why a person can decide it. The comment ” Better not be a parent, than a bad parent” is thoughtful. The film can be considered as an ode to women about parenthood, identity and opinion.

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