A Vow Doesn’t Change It

Marital Rape Isn't Necessarily a Crime in 12 States

Today important news caught my attention. It was on my mind so much that I made up my mind to write an article about it. My article today is going to be about something that legally needs approval by the court as an act of crime. Yes, we are in the 21st century, and yet here we are still trying to legalize acts that violate human fundamental rights and equality that are by the constitution themselves. By reading the title of my article and a few lines at the beginning of the article, I am guessing that the readers have some idea about what my article is going to be about. It is about how even in 2022 there are still many countries that legalize marital rape.

Everything about Marital Rape

Let me put out an important fact for our readers so that they know why this topic is important and in urgent need of change. When a husband rapes a woman then it is marital rape. Yes, this is very traumatizing for every reader out there regardless of which race, ethnicity, religion, or community one belongs. There are still 36 countries out there that legalize marital rape. This means that when a husband rapes his wife then it is not considered a legal crime in these countries. This is the harsh reality of our society that needs to change. The sad part for any woman who lives in one of these 36 countries is that they are still in deprivation of their fundamental rights and equality.

I am not going to name any specific country that is a part of these 36 countries because the change in one country will not provide equality to every woman and girl living on this planet. I a woman myself feel so much anger and dismay that even today women are still fighting for their basic rights as human beings. It is also an appeal that women from countries that consider marital rape as a crime stand up for their community of women living in the countries so that every woman feels safe and has complete authority over her rights as a human being and as a woman. The reason I am stressing so much about the urgency for the need for change is that we women are constantly fighting every single day to do what we, as women are capable of doing and yet there are so many larger things that also need our attention, awareness, fight, and pushing by a large number of people which will not happen in a few days. 

We as women of this planet need to fight and bring about change so that women and girls in the future will have less to fight for and have better and productive lives. Let me make this as clear as possible that marital rape does not have consent from women and that is why we know it as rape and not anything else. There is no difference between rape and marital rape apart from the fact that it is happening in a marriage. In any religion, when people marry they take a vow in their marriage they promise to be there for each other and standby each other with respect, value, trust, and protecting each other until the very end. There is nothing extraordinary rather things that need to be there in any relationship. When relationships do not have one, then it is wrong and nothing will say otherwise.

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Ideas behind marital rape

It is surprising how patriarchy seems to flow in everything in society. It is responsible for creating problems for women that they have to constantly fight to get rid of these and that too for generations together constantly without a stop to see some slight change and betterment. Patriarchy exists with the idea that men are superior to women. This idea plays a major role in marital rape.

Men who grow up with this idea consider women to be objects or things that they own through the institution of marriage. This idea engraves into them so much that they think that their wife’s whole purpose is to please and look after their needs and have no place in society. They think that marriage gives them the consent to abuse their wives in any manner that they wish to. This is a reminder that these 36 countries approve of this behavior and even consider it legal. This is not just shocking but also a real and frightening image of the state of women in society around the world. Women have become objects that men believe have full authority because of the patriarchal and horrendous ideas that exist in society.

If you are wondering that marital rape happens only in small villages and towns where there is a lack of knowledge and awareness then you are wrong. This happens anywhere regardless of whether these places are towns or even the urban city. This shows how things are not just limited to a certain group of people but the entire community. If it exists in the society then every single member is responsible for its existence and well as its eradication. What people fail to understand is that by normalizing, legalizing marital rape women are stripped of their dignity, value, respect, and everything as human beings first and then as a woman.

As usual, there have been people who are justifying the crime of marital rape with sentences such as “Considering marital rape as crime disrupts the institution of marriage.” I cannot begin to explain the amount of misogyny that is present in this sentence. If any institution in this world considers rape a part of it then it is time that people rethink and redefine this institution. The other sentence that comes in against criminalizing marital rape is “What if women are lying?” “What if they are lying to gain something?” The fact that every time women stand up for their rights and equality they are often under the scanner of the misdeeds that will supposedly happen by them. Why is it that women are always under scrutiny and questioning when they expect things that any normal being would? The other important thing is that every crime has loopholes but that should not stop us from doing things that are for the betterment of the greater common good. According to this theory then none of the crimes should have been criminalized by the court, which makes no sense at all.

To conclude, it is high time women stop fighting for their equality and rights rather they are present in the society by the people without constant, struggle that women have to suffer for generations. It is way beyond time that all the countries in the world criminalize marital rape so that every woman lives with the fundamental rights and equality that they deserve like anybody else. Any rape is a crime and a vow taken by people will not change it otherwise.


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