Online Education and Work from home: Have we arrived in virtual world?

In the recent years, the life of human beings have been greatly stirred by the Covid-19 pandemic and still continues to do so, no area is left unaffected. As the disease spreads from contact between individuals, it is essential to maintain distance and thus the people are compelled to be confined inside their homes. The students and the working class have seemingly been afflicted more. The modern era is changing fast with times. Today is the digitalization age, where everything is computerized and programmed. The education sector is also at par with the digitalization. Throughout the world, online learning is of great significance today. It has become convenient for the students to attend classes from the comfort of their houses. The working class is also relieved from travelling everyday to the place of their work. Due to the pandemic, the state of being alone and separate is being experienced by the population worldwide. In order to eliminate this loneliness, it somewhat becomes necessary to interact with the surrounding. Technology has played a vital role in it by creating an environment of interaction and relationship via online mode of learning and building healthy relationship at work by the initiative of work from home. ” Man is a social being”, rightly said by a well known philosopher Aristotle.

This pandemic has led to closure of schools, colleges and various educational institutions for about more than an year now. Around 1.2 billion children are barred from classrooms today. Consequently, a new era of e-learning has come into existence imparting knowledge at various cyber platforms. ‘Bharat Padhe Online Campaign’ was launched by the Indian government to lessen the educational loss due to the pandemic crises. There is great demand of education in online mode and subsequently cost free learning services are being provided by a number of digital learning platforms such as Unacademy, GradeUp, BYJU’S etc. Online education has proved to be time saving and a better mechanism for imparting knowledge at large scale. Quality education is easily available to all. The online dependence has also reduced the necessity of copies and books ,thus being beneficial to the environment. Taking into account the current situation of the world, the online education has proved to be a boon. The road ahead is seemingly bright and many more revolutions are believed to come in the sector of education but it is required to be adopted with care.

In order to make one’s life easier, various innovations and services came into existence. The most adaptive initiative that came into being is work from home, allowing the employees to work to operate online at the ease of their homes. Working in a household environment provides much more flexibility and satisfaction in work. It has also helped to create a better balance between work and life, by encouraging oneself to plan not only a suitable work schedule but also a schedule for spare time as well as a holiday.

“If working remotely is such a great idea, why isn’t everyone doing it? I think it’s because we’ve been bred on the idea that work happens from 9 to 5, in offices and cubicles. It’s no wonder that most who are employed inside that model haven’t considered other options or resist the idea that it could be any different. But it can.”

– Jason Fried

One can organize the task along with the time, taking into account their requirements and wishes personally. Subsequently, no resources are required in addition to form a place for work. Work from home is proved to be cost-effective for both the employees as well as the company, there is no need for any individual to travel from one place to another. Thus, it saves both time and money. However, it solely depends on the individual to carry out their task the way they want, making the work more productive.

In this contemporary age, technology has spread its wings far wide. The online mode of office work and education was only functioning during the pandemic period when all the educational institutions and offices were closed. By the advancing of digital era, the employees were allowed to work virtually from home and maintain their routine of work without going to their workplace. A sight of the working of the virtual world is seen in this pandemic. Such virtualization has greatly helped us to operate from the comforts of our homes and also helped in saving time and money. Online education is in great demand and trend today and in near future it would replace the traditional classroom teaching mechanism. The virtual world came into light a long time back but today its existence is widely recognized all over the world.

Thus, these are clear indications that post-pandemic revolutionary changes would be observed in the sector of education and working class and in the future ahead remote learning would be irresistible and more virtualization would perceive.