Do you ever wonder how the same 24 hours are enough for some and insufficient for some?

There are times when we often feel somebody else is being more productive than we are in the same 24 hours of the day. There’s nothing wrong to be thinking that , the answer to that is Good Time Management. The highest achievers in the world are usually the ones who are the best at utilising their time and all of us are equally capable of maintaining the balance of time and to make the most of our day.

Time management encourages the process of working smarter and not harder. It is the process of getting more work done in less time and under high pressures. Time management encourages organising and planning how to divide your time between different activities.

Benefits of Good Time Management

  • Greater productivity and efficiency
  • Reduction in stress
  • It gives a good reputation professionally
  • Increase in confidence
  • increased opportunities to achieve goals

Tools helpful in Managing Time

1.Organizational skills: Only when you think in an organised manner you can arrange your work in an organised manner and hence it’ll allow you to function at your optimum efficiency .

2.Prioritization: With the help of your organisational skills you learn to prioritise the right activity. It changes your focus towards the more important and urgent things and increases the drive to work towards them before the lesser important activities.

3.Scheduling: It’s important to know when you can complete the tougher tasks and when you can boost your efficiency. The tougher tasks should be done when one feels fresher in the day. Therefore scheduling plays a very crucial role and helps in knowing when to meet a deadline.

4.Goal Setting: The most successful time managers are very clear with their aim and can clearly prioritise them right. They develop smart goals and certain missions which helps them stay committed to your plans.

5.Concentration and focus: There’s no point in organising, scheduling and goal setting if it doesn’t have enough concentration and focus to finish the self made goals. It’s very important to minimise the distractions and be in a focused flow of work.

6. Practice Time Management: Good skills in time management needs a lot of practice to develop. It’s not an activity which can improve overnight, even after a lot of powerful tactics one tends to fall back in management of time. Therefore, one needs to start practicing the methods without procrastinating. Like many others even in Time Management “Practice makes man a Perfect” .