What’s In A Name

Name - really matters? What is in a name? Know the importance of a name!

As Dale Carnegie rightfully and beautifully says, “Names are the sweetest and the most important sound in any language.” By now, all the readers know about the topic of the article is going to be all about. This article is a little different from the ones I usually write. Today, my article is all about the importance of names. It is also about the role of names in the community and the world. Do you ever wonder about the small yet important thing people do all over the world? Naming happens to be one of them. A name is just a word. However, this one word has so much meaning and relevance behind it, which makes it so special and unique.

Understanding the Process behind Naming 

In many countries around the world, naming a baby is no less than a grand ceremony. In India, an auspicious day is into consideration to give their baby a name. Family members and relatives come together during this day to show their love and gratitude towards the baby on this day. A lengthy process goes behind choosing the right name for a baby. There are so many things that the parents look into while choosing a name for their baby. Each culture, tradition, ethnicity, religion, etc have their traditions and methods in naming a baby. I have seen some of the most fascinating factors that parents look into while naming their baby. However, not all parents have these factors in mind yet are seen under many circumstances.

One of the most common things I have seen during the process of naming a child is that the name should start from a specific alphabet. This might sound weird to many people however, this is one of the things parents see while naming their baby. There are several reasons behind choosing a specific alphabet to begin the name. It could be because everyone in the family has their name starting from that alphabet or they would want their children to have names from the alphabet or so many more things like that. If you and your sibling have, your names starting from the same alphabet ask your parents about it. You will know the secret behind this process.

The other factor that I have seen during the process of naming a child is that the name should have a specific meaning. This meaning could be concerning anything. It could mean something related to their favorite god’s name or it could mean something about nature or many more things. The reason behind naming their baby with a specific meaning of the name could be for tradition, family related, etc. The meaning of the name could be something special to the parents as well. As long as the meaning has value in it then that is all that matters.

Another factor that I have also seen during the process of naming the child is that the name of someone who has or had familial importance is also the name of the baby. This means that the child’s name will be after their maternal or paternal grandfather or even great grandfather sometimes. When this happens it becomes a means of showing love and respect to someone who plays or has had played an important role in the family. This also becomes a means of showing gratitude and a way of telling them that they will never be forgotten and someone that everyone will remember.

An interesting factor that I have recently seen coming during the process of naming the child is that the child is given the name of the parents’ favorite actor or actress or character. As funny as this may sound, this happens until the very day in many families around the world. I find this naming process as the sweetest and cutest because there is so much love and admiration behind parents naming their babies after their favorite actor or actress or character.

Parents look into while naming their babies many more things. After reading this paragraph if you readers can think of more then, do give a thought about it and enjoy a conversation about it too.

I am proud to say that animals also have an equal amount of importance and love in society. These days even naming pets and street animals play a very important role in society. Just imagine if all the dogs or cats or any other animal living in the same place had one name. It would be a total disaster. People look into many things even while naming animals. It could be something about their eyes, fur color, or even the way they eat or sleep, etc. Animals can also have names concerning characters in a movie or series or even a song. One of the weirdest things I have also seen is that sometimes pets are even after spices or even social media apps. This shows the importance of naming animals is as important as anything else. I agree animals already have a species name however, when we as individuals spend time with them, look after them it becomes very important to name them as well.

Naming non-living things are as important as naming living things. It gives these things a sense of definition and differentiation from other things.

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Role of Names in the self, family, society, community, and the world

Names play such an important role not just to the outside of family, society, community, or world but also the individual. A name can mean so much to the individual and the eternal factors for several reasons. Some of the most important reasons are:

  1. Sense of identity: A sense of identity is established through a name. The world will know the individual through this name itself. It is the name that they will stay alive in this world the entire time. Suppose a person wins an award then their name stands as proof of their work and their achievement. Therefore, a name plays a very important role in identifying oneself not just to the outside world but also to themselves.
  • The first step towards individuality: The reason people have different names is that it gives a distinctive individuality to people. Their character and personality have a person’s name as a factor. Individuality begins with a name because that is how seeing yourself relates to it for the first time.
  • It builds a connection: A name creates an invisible connection to yourself and the people around you. For example, suppose you love your name then it builds a positive connection with yourself, which results in bringing about trust, value, and respect to yourself. A name plays a very important role because when someone has to think of you, your actions, and your behaviors the first thing that connects you and them is your name.
  • It is a means of recognition: There is not just the present but also a past and future behind a name. People recognize your parents have given you through the name that is to you. Sometimes a person’s name is even used to describe behavior. For example: “You are as irritating as Ryan”

These are some of the important factors that show the roles of a name in the eternal and internal world. There are many more that we recognize or subtly be visible around us.

To conclude, a beautiful quote by Rachel Ingber where says, “A name represents an identity, a deep feeling and holds tremendous significance to its owner.”


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