Wondering about the secret to a Healthy Relationship?

Good communication is an integral part of every relationship and is an essential part of every partnership. In times of distress or ups and downs or a conflict, communication can always be helpful towards building a strong relationship.

We often hear a lot about how good communication is. I think it’s high time we look deeper to understand its meaning and value in our relationships and how we can improve our communication with our partners.

The flow of communication not only is about speaking your thoughts but also about listening to your partners thoughts and being empathetic towards it. We need to talk openly and be good listeners. At times it gets difficult for one to communicate effectively. It could be something that is painful or is hurting us but its often the things that we can’t talk about that hurt the most. There are times when certain topics turn into conflicts but one needs to manage them through the right way of communication.

Conflict Management with Communication

Here are some tips:

  • Try not giving silent treatments
  • Do not assume things
  • Don’t judge
  • Learn to understand each other and not defeat each other
  • Stick to the important problem
  • Be respectful towards each others feelings

When you are more aware of the kind of communication you all have it always makes things easier and to have more control over whatever is happening.

Listening and Communication

Listening is one of the major parts of communication. When you listen with utmost interest and empathy, your partner tends to be honest and open.

Here are some tips to effective listening:

  • Keep comfortable eye contact
  • sit or stand at the same level
  • Avoid distractions
  • Face the person you are listening to
  • Do not interrupt while they speak
  • Be aware of your tone
  • Be interested and show proper attention

Communication Improvements

There are always ways to communicate appropriately and two people need to rightly figure it out. One may need sometime to communicate and express their views. People who need encouragement in speaking their mind out need people who can be good listeners and who’s actions speak louder than words.

Ways of improving your communication:

  • Building companionship: When you share your thoughts, ideas, experiences and concerns with your partner it binds you all with companionship which is also very important in every relationship.
  • Sharing Intimacy: Intimacy is not only a sexual concept, Intimacy is built on the basis of feeling attached to your partner or by having moments which make you feel close. Its a feeling of being comfortable and be comforted where two people can be honest and open.
  • Find a common ground: Try to reach conclusions which are feasible to both of you all whether in parenting style or how finances are distributed.
  • Ask questions: Ask questions about your partners happiness and what’s causing them the pain or the disappointment. One should also assess the things which lead to conflict and work on it.

In todays world, people find it quite difficult to communicate their thoughts and feelings which leads to several misunderstandings and assumptions and create cracks in relationship. But the most effective way to keep a relationship healthy is to communicate and listen to your significant other with utmost empathy. Communicating could take a while for some people but that’s the best way out through all your relationships.