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American children’s author had rightfully said, “Sometimes you never know the value of the moment until it becomes a memory.”  Today my article is going to be all about nostalgia and memories. To all the Indian readers out there, this is going to be a double treat because most of my references of incidents are going to be things that happen in every place in India. Today my article is going to be all about the amazing school memories that we have made for years together and something that we are going to cherish all our life.

The unforgettable memories of school years

I am sure several times during the pandemic, when we see children attending online classes we have a flashback about our precious childhood and school years.  Though we know that the safety and health of these children come, first we still at some point in time hope that children get to experience every essence of the school years without any virtual things in it. School years play such an important role in an individual’s growth and development. Schools mold and bring the best out of students through various things that are the basis of schooling for every child.

 I am sure even if you ask your parents and grandparents about their school years they remember even the tiniest and simplest moments that they had an experience of during their school time. Though our parents have this habit of exaggerating things, often school memories do not require any kind of exaggeration because every day in school was nothing less than an adventure.

It is around the four walls of the school that the best is out from the child. Even when we grow old, we never tend to forget the faculty of the school. This could be teachers, principals, coordinators, or even bus drivers who always make sure that we reach school on time. It is a constant belief that the first most important individuals in a child’s life are parents and then teachers. This is how teachers and schools play such an important role in every individual’s life.

 We can never forget our first day of school even when have so many other things to remember as we keep growing older. Our first experience as a student starts through the kindergarten years. You will always remember whether you cried on your first day or not and nobody can take that away from you. We do not anybody, we stand, and we listen to the school prayer for the first time. The experience does not have any measures. I can never forget my first class teacher and I am hoping all the readers are thinking about their first-class teacher too. We make friends who play an important role in this process. We go back home and make sure to tell everything that happened in school to our parents or grandparents without fail.

After our kindergarten years comes our primary school years. These divisions of schooling and learning act as a medium to show children that they are slowly growing and taking small steps to an individual of character and personality outside the four walls of the school. Primary school is where we learn more than just the basics such as colors, rhymes that children learned in the previous division. It is here that children have an introduction to subjects starting very simple and as years go by slowly broadening out. It is here where children get textbooks and class works as two separate books for their subjects. Friends we make during this time will usually be in connection with similarity and sometimes it is these friends that stay with us for many years to come.

After primary school comes to middle school. This is the time when everything changes. Teachers are incredibly strict. We have fights and arguments with our friends; we get into trouble during this time. It is during this time when we start growing. We even part away from our friends who decide to change their schools for high school. I think all the readers have written in slam books and kept slam books. We even saw it being confiscated by our teachers and scold us for keeping one and getting it to school. It was during this time that we wanted to be like our seniors. The competition level in sports and games was higher in the students than in the competition itself.

The final chapter of our school years in high school. Here is where we cherish every moment and try to prepare ourselves that very soon we will come out of the walls of our schools that have been responsible for our growth development. Our graduation is nothing less than a festival for us. We tend to hate things less than we would in the beginning or during our years in school. It is during our high school years that we take part in every single school activity and give our best in every field before we leave the school.

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Beautiful moments

In this paragraph, I am going to speak about certain moments we all have come across at some point in our school years.

  1. Lunchboxes are for everybody: It was not just lunchbox sharing but the exchange of boxes with everybody in the class and during that process we would never know where our box went until it came to us out of nowhere back to us. We as children never had a liking for our food but we would go crazy over the food that our friends got with them. Sharing brought us all together. Someone has not got their food or water bottle everyone would be up for sharing their food whether that student was their friend or not
  2. Standing outside the class: Even if you were a good student, you would have still gone outside the classes as a punishment. Our best friend who is always our partner in crime would join us no matter what. It was never a punishment rather a good laughing session until we were in for another punishment again.
  3. Games Period: Every student during their school years thought that this period is their birthright and anyone taking it from them be it teachers or the weather would have serious consequences. I always remember that it was the math teacher who always was waiting to take this period. The sound of the bell was a tragedy rather than a melody once this period was getting over.
  4. Last Bench Blessing: The joy of sitting in the last row cannot be compared to anything on this planet. It was nothing less than a blessing from God if you have to sit there. It was a completely different world there. This blessing was usually given only to tall people. If your teacher believes in equality and asks for bench rotation then short people will know why tall people do not like coming down.
  5. Sneak Eat: When students sneakily eat during class, it fills their stomachs more than their lunchboxes. Eating during class was nothing less than an impossible mission of life and death. A small biscuit, a fruit, etc eating them during the class gave us peace of mind.
  6. Parent-teacher meetings and result day: The most dreadful, scary, and anxious day of every student’s life unless you were a topper in class. All of the things that we do in class come out on this day. Parents and teachers together will take your class on this day with your behavior, situations, and even with your marks. It is a dreadful day but will become a funny day in a few months until the next exam or next parent-teacher meeting

There are many more moments but if I keep writing then this article will never end. Our school years are like a treasure box and the best part is we can open it whenever we want and experience all the joy and happiness.

To conclude, with a beautiful quote where says, “No matter what is going on in your life right now, school memories will always make you happy.”


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