Personality Development

Personality is something that people tend to think a lot about. When we meet new people, whether through work, school, or social events, it is often their personality on which we immediately focus. Whether they are nice, helpful, outgoing, or shy are just a few of the things that we assess as we evaluate the people around us.

What Is Personality Development?

It is our personality that makes us who we are, but how exactly do our personalities form? Personality development has been a major topic of interest for some of the most prominent thinkers in psychology. Since the inception of psychology as a separate science, researchers have proposed a variety of ideas to explain how and why personality develops.

Personality development refers to how the organized patterns of behavior that make up each person’s unique personality emerge over time. Many factors go into influencing personality, including genetics, environment, parenting, and societal variables. Perhaps most importantly, it is the ongoing interaction of all of these influences that continue to shape personality over time.

Personality involves not only inborn traits but also the development of cognitive and behavioral patterns that influence how people think and act. Temperament is a key part of the personality that is determined by inherited traits.

Character is an aspect of personality influenced by experience that continues to grow and change throughout life. While personality continues to evolve over time and respond to the influences and experiences of life, much of personality is determined by inborn traits and early childhood experiences.


1️⃣Evaluating Yourself

2️⃣Focusing on Positive Personality Traits

3️⃣Avoid Negative Personality Traits

4️⃣Speak Up More

5️⃣Believing in yourself

There are three main influences on personality development that we are going to look at in this lesson. Those are heredity, environment, and situation.

Empathy, compassion, and helping others: People with a strong personality believe that they are free and do not owe people around them any favours, and in return they respect the fact that others do not owe them. Preferring being alone and silence over mingling with those who do not understand them.

Here I have got some simple yet crucial tips over how you can acquire a well-meaning personality.

⭕Know yourself. …

⭕Bring positivity in your outlook. …

⭕ Have an opinion. ..

⭕. Meet new people.

⭕ … Read more often and develop new interests.

⭕… Be a good listener. .

⭕.. Be courteous. .

⭕.. Work on your Body Language