Communication Gap in today’s Youth

The most significant problem which today’s youth are widely facing is the problems associated with the generation gap. They are neither considered to be that big enough to take all the duties and responsibilities on their own shoulders nor they are considered to be that young to be all pampered and treated like a child.

To begin with, it will not be wrong to say that generation gap is now placed equivalent to the communication gap. It is so called because the younger ones are not able to freely express themselves to the elder ones. There are many reasons for that but the main and foremost reason is that they feel the elder ones will not understand. They will not obviously consider their point of view and what will finally happen is the judgement taking place. They will be judged and that fear of being judged stops them from sharing anything with their elder ones. Apart from being judged, one another fear is also present of being punished. It is a true fact because there are parents present out there who punish their children when their child shares anything with them. They are punished for their acts as well as for their thoughts. This is the reason that children from the very initial stage of their life stops sharing anything with their parents or elder ones.

Further, when these children become youth they are faced with numerous problems and there is no one out there who can guide them or give any advice. In their childhood, they stopped sharing their thoughts with their parents and now this has become their habit. In normal case, this habit would not pose as much problem as in the cases when there is a conflict between a parent and a child. It will bring sourness in their relationship when communication will not happen.

Often, then the youth face the major problem. The problem where they are neither considered old enough to take up all the responsibilities nor too young to be pampered like a child. There exists a strong dilemma in which they have to juggle and make a place for themselves, take their own decisions whether it be personal or social.

This leads to the change in their temperament. It starts rising high often. They become frustrated. In some cases, youths become silent and in some cases they become very arrogant and rude. Their indiscipline is quite evident in their acts or actions.

Lastly, I want to conclude with my opinion that habit of sharing and communicating is very important from the very initial stage of one’s life. If one will not communicate their thoughts, opinions and ideas with their elder ones or parents, they will not be shown the right thing to do. In a nutshell, they will not be guided and shown the right path. This communication will further solve their problems in the future or at best pave the way to come out from the problem. Better communication will lead to better understanding. The parents will understand that what their child is facing. They can assure them regarding that. And so less and less pressure will be taken by the today’s youth. It will help them making their own place.