Digital Boom in the Crisis

Though the Covid-19 was the worst nightmare in the history of mankind, still it managed to dig out some good things. It took lives of the people, made them jobless, destroyed their livelihood and affected them mentally as well as socially. All sorts of torture and pressure took in these times. In a nutshell, it created havoc in everyone’s life. But it is imperative to note that it took our country five year ahead in terms of digitalization that also in only few months. By this, it is significant to note down the changes that happened- online classes of children, employees working from home, transactions taking place digitally, market growing online and much more. Even the vegetable and fruit vendors are now accepting online transactions because they are also well aware the fact that in these times if they will not use the current technology, they will be left behind in the ongoing competition. The competition which has taken birth in the crisis. And the people also support this because it benefits them. They don’t have to be engaged in the give and take of cash which probably will increase the chances of spreading of the virus. So, for them the involvement in the digital transactions is a god deal.

It happened largely due to the fact that while the crisis is happening in the country and creating havoc in everyone’s life, things cannot take a backseat. It cannot become still. It has to move on. The country has to move on from all this. And in this regard, the digitalization of the things was given emphasis and importance. While working online and more precisely, working from home, there are no chances that they come into the contact of the virus. In this manner, people will be safe and the work will also get done even more effectively and efficiently. Both the employer and the employee will be happy. It will be a win-win situation for everyone. Also if analyzed in broader light, it will involve transparency, accountability, and better mechanism. It will create a competition also in the market which can be termed as healthy because in competition all the businesses will try to be on top and in this order the most benefitted one will be the customers, the consumer sector. They will get variety coupled with the quality.

To analyze the whole situation, our country is actually ahead 5 years in terms of technology and it is not only about the digital transactions and online work which is taking place. It is much more than that. The development in the medicinal sector. The vaccines. India has carried out it’s own research and studies to make a vaccine and was successful also in that. It is among in that few countries who has developed its own vaccine which is very effective and successful in breaking the chain of virus.

Lastly, it can be concluded with the fact that though this pandemic was never imagined by anyone but if we get to the core of everything, we can see the new opportunities it created. The mechanism created now will help us in reviving the economy and also boosting it in the future. It will surely take the country to new heights.