Importance of Education

Education plays a very significant role in the individual’s life. It not only imparts knowledge in the person but also builds their character, personality, opinions and intellect which by default comes with the education. It is a weapon to improve one’s life.

Above all, the most important thing which education does that it provides employment to people. By making them literate, it provides a platform on which they can use their skill and knowledge and with that also earn their livelihood. Uneducated people then become the hugely disadvantaged group as they will not be able to get as high paying job as the educated ones. They will have to do basic work which obviously will not involve a huge amount of money. So, in that case it becomes very crucial to be educated.

With education, people can communicate also better. It will refine and polish the speech of an individual, inculcate new ideas and much more. It enables the individuals to give their speech more effectively and efficiently. They are able to explain their point of views and opinions in a clearer manner. Basically, it will make it look like that whatever has been said is by a mature and intellectual person which is in fact true with the educated people. It makes the person mature and intellectual by opening gates to the arena of new ideas and the knowledge. It also brings sophistication and discipline with all of this into the one’s life. Discipline in a way that one realize the value of time of money. He knows that it is something precious and start respecting that. Not only his own, but he also respect others time and money. He starts valuing everything because he has went through it. He knows how difficult it is to earn money and make time.

With education, people become up to date with the technology prevailing in the society. Since, to keep up with their knowledge, they have to know all the means and ways which can lead to a better understanding of skills and form opinions. So, in this case technical skills is what comes gradually with that because people have to use google and gain information.

Apart from the individual’s benefits, there are perks and benefits that one provides to the society also when he becomes educated. When he employs himself and earn money in that order, it increases the GDP of the country. Major part of the society comes out from the crunch of poverty because people now can feed themselves and live their life in a proper manner. There is also the innovation in the technology because more the education, more the development. Not only development happens in the technology but there is a development in all the sectors of the economy ranging from food and manufacturing sector to the complex defence sector. As it happens, education spreads in the society and also gives motivation to other people to attain education.

Therefore, it can be right to conclude with the fact that education brings a lot of perks, benefits and advantages. Not only self’s development but society is also benefitted at large. So, in today’s times education is a requirement and not a choice and everyone should pursue that.