One Person I’M Glad I Met

Then I realized that God tested those who are capable, then I took care of myself and I know that the person I met, I am glad that I am not different … when a person meets himself or finds himself, it means that he finds everything that feeling makes him very happy. My life took a new direction and I met a man, and then I was glad that I met this guy … this guy seemed like an angel to me. You showed me that someone is capable of being interested in me, although I am convinced that I am a girl that no one will ever love. You showed me that someone is capable of being interested in me, although I am convinced that I am a girl that no one will ever love.

Without him I wouldn’t be who I am and for that I feel blessed. He made me better than I am proud of today, and if not for him, perhaps I would not be who I am. I know there is only one person who made me feel this way and I want to meet him. I have created so many people in my life, but there is a person, a soul that beats me today, my mother.

I have and still have many people who have left their mark on my life, but there is one person, one soul, that stands out to me today – this is my mother. The sweetest soul speaks the language of love, and the strongest soul protects those she loves. You are the only person in my life who means everything to me and I can spend every day with you. If there’s one thing I’ll give you forever, it’s my love, my heart and my soul.

I have never felt this way before, my love for you is pure and I am so happy to have found you. I have never loved anyone so much and I am so glad you are in my life. I love you dearly and I never want to lose you because life has been so beautiful since the day I found you. My dear, life is so beautiful with you and I am so happy to have found you.

Even if things don’t go my way, I’ll still be happy for you. You are the one I fight the most and you are also my best friend. A friend like you I love to death and will never let go. Friends like you are the ones who open my eyes and help me avoid bad things.

But out of everyone I’ve met so far, I’m proud to say I’ve met the best friend of my life. For this reason, I can proudly say that I have met a great friend in my life. A friend of mine from childhood, we haven’t been in touch for thirty years, twenty-nine to be exact. We couldn’t meet and one of my closest friends brought me food and apologized for not being able to eat together.

When my dog ​​passed away this summer, I had one of my best and oldest friends by my side. A friend of mine from childhood and her husband called me every day, sometimes two or three times a day, just to make sure she was okay. Sometimes I feel lonely and there is no one to talk to or ask for help, and there are always people who call me out of the blue and ask how I’m doing. The only person I’ve ever met is one of the best friends in my life, and I love another side of myself, even more.

The only person I am happy to meet is one of my best friends, life, love, significant other. Today – today I am grateful for every friend that has been a part of my life, from the smallest to the oldest. To be honest, I don’t know how I would have gotten this far without each of them.

So, I will start with those whom I met when I was open to the outside world. So if I were to start listing them as the best people I’m happy to meet, the list would be quite large.

Thanks to both of the two important people mentioned above, I have found my real me and am happy to meet my real me, hidden and bound by these imaginary chains and cages. You showed me what it’s like to meet someone and form an immediate and undeniable connection with them. If there was a way to look into my heart with my eyes, you would know how special you are to me. I am happy that I told her the last time we met that I would take care of her.

These have been months of my life filled with mistakes, regrets and great happiness. As I get to know you better, I realize that you don’t let your work enter your mind, sometimes you close your book and go out to dinner with your friends, or just go to bed to watch your friends and enjoy Phoebe Buffy’s quirks . When I first met you, I realized that you refused to stop until you had done all the work you were supposed to do.

I met up with friends, went out to dinner, had impromptu meetings, last minute trips, late night calls, video calls, sometimes just calling to see my pets. However, over the course of a year we became best friends, and gradually I felt that I became more open. My friends came home, came to my room and said that no one would move from there until I decided to leave.

I met my friend at dinner and the time went by so quickly that it felt like five minutes had passed. We only met when one of my closest friends found me something to eat and apologized for not being able to attend the meal.

And I’m glad that it is, because it would be very difficult to find another friend like her. It’s hard to find the same energy with someone because we all have different personality traits. I hope everyone has a person/friend or loved one they can always rely on.

These quotes come from people we know who walk the talk when it comes to making life worthwhile. They show what it’s like to meet someone with a quick and undeniable connection.

I am happy that whenever I go somewhere, I am obliged to write to you as soon as I arrive. She explained: “You spend your whole life stuck in the Labyrinth, thinking about how to get out of it one day and imagining that the future will stop you from going, but you never do. A girl who loves the idea of ​​marriage and family. , but hardly convinces herself that there is someone who really wants this with her.