None of the stress relieving activities will help you if you aren’t taking care of yourself.No meditation or yoga is going to get you the adequate sleep.The term self care describes a conscious act of a person in order to promote their mental, physical and emotional health.There are many forms of self care.It could be going out to get some fresh air or it could be about getting yourself enough and adequate sleep.

Unfortunately self care is considered as a luxury and not a priority by many bacuse of which they are left with the feeling of overwhelm and left inequitable to handle life challenges.Its important to make sure you are caring about yourself rightly and in every domain so that you also care for your mind, body and spirit.

Importance of Self Care:

  • Reduces anxiety and depression
  • reduces stress
  • Improves Resilience
  • Improving happiness
  • Increasing energy
  • Strengthens interpersonal relationships

According to WHO self care comes above everything else as it can help promote better mental and emotional health and help people cope better with illness.

Different types of Self-care:

Self care isn’t always about finding ways to relax. It is about finding the right way to care for your mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social spectrum.In order to care for each of the above it is important to find a balance that can help you dress each of these areas. Sometimes you may need more self care in one area to find relief in another.

  1. PHYSICAL SELF-CARE: Your body needs a strong connection between your mind and body to function efficiently in its physical aspect. When you care for your body you’ll feel better too. Physical self care involves how much sleep one gets, how much physical activity one does and how well one cares for their physical needs.
  2. SOCIAL SELF-CARE: In todays busy world its difficult to make time for friends and its easier to neglect your relationships which at the end of the day makes you feel like yourself. Close connections are important for your well being.The best way to keep the connections are to work on them and put in time and efforts.
  3. MENTAL SELF-CARE:The way you think fills your mind with negative or positive energy which leads to your psychological well being which is as important as your physical well being. You mind find reading books or watching movies something that fuels your mind.Practicing self compassion and acceptance will help you live better with your psychological aspect of life.
  4. SPIRITUAL SELF-CARE: When a lifestyle includes religious or spiritual practices it makes life healthier. Nurturing your spirit however doesn’t have to involve religion.It can involve anything that helps you develop a deeper sense of meaning and understanding or connection with the universe which is good for our lifestyle.
  5. EMOTIONAL SELF-CARE:It is important to have healthy coping mechanism to your emotional feelings. Whether you talk to a close friend or your partner it helps you to process your emotions.Its important to incorporate emotional self care into your life. Emotional self care includes activities that help you acknowledge and express your feelings regularly and safely.

Therefore,I conclude by saying that self care in itself is the greatest form of care that people of todays generation more precisely need to take care of.