If someone wants to obtain any skill or any certificate he or she often tends to take a test which shows if he or she is least bit eligible to proceed with it. What if there was a test of practical life which could tell us how good we are with our responsibilities and the challenges that come our way. What if this way we could give our best shot at a meaningful life?

Lets focus on a few aspects which would help us live life better and to its fullest :

  • Though life is unpredictable, planning is always a good idea: Carrying an umbrella won’t prevent the storm from happening but it’ll reduce the consequences anyway. Nobody can predict the future, none of us.Everyday brings in so many experiences and events which we face which can be made easier to handle with the help of planning.It helps you bear the consequences headstrong.
  • Great Friendships enhances the quality: Good friends always enhance the quality of your life. There are certain people who join for a certain time only which makes them temporary In our journey while some join us for an entire lifetime. Deep and long lasting friendships take a long time to develop. Invest in a few, you don’t need a lot. This is one of the cases where quality is over quantity.
  • Healthy Relationships make life richer: As for romantic interests, it’s okay to acknowledge that not all relationships will last, but it is wise to try to make them as healthy and as free from conflict as possible.When in a relationship, you’ll spend a lot of time with your partner. How much you enjoy that time will depend a great deal on your attitude, expectations and actions.Just like friendships, romantic relationships also require work to maintain. And they are a team effort. You must be willing to contribute an equal amount to your partner.Eventually, you may find a life partner. Even when you do, don’t neglect to keep putting in the effort.
  • Core values should be known and valued: Like they say,”When you don’t stand for anything, you fall for everything”. Our values are what make us stand for the right.Life gets complicated at times and some decisions carry emotional baggage. It’s easier to take such decisions when you know whats important to you.Once you settle for whats important to you, you can confront things better.
  • Life is better when you invest in your health : Unlike the several materialistic things lying around you which have a quick replacement your body needs maintenance and can’t be replaced with anything else.So learn to do things which will help keep your body in better conditions. Practice habits that lead to a better life for a longer and most importantly healthier life.
  • You always have a choice: One common mistake we all make it assuming that we don’t have a choice whereas there’s always a choice. One should always do what he wants to instead of doing something else because he or she thought they didn’t have a choice. If made a wrong choice, no worries, follow the next best step after that.
  • Unhealthy relationships also make your life unhealthy: Toxins are poisonous. So are toxic people. They will sap your energy, discourage you, frustrate you, and in a myriad of ways, make your life more difficult.Avoid them if you can. If it’s impossible to avoid them, figure out how to mitigate their destructive potential.
  • Failure is your teacher, not you enemy: Failures are inevitable. Big failures and small failures. Failure is a valuable teacher but you must be a willing and a teachable student. Its said that the only thing more painful than learning from experience is not learning from your experience.
  • The art of saying NO: Through the journey of life you will figure out there are people who will be controlling or manipulativeandf influence you towards their agenda. Never let such people succeed in their agenda. Always know your way out by telling no. Its very important for you too learn to do what you want to instead of somebody else controlling it.
  • This too shall pass: On your journey there will be times when your life won’t turn out to be the way you imagined it. You have to get through that part of life as well like you do for the others.Don’t focus too much on your circumstances. Don’t spend too much time thinking about how good things used to be. Learn to accept what you cannot change.Say, “It’ll be okay, just not today.”