Overthinking: Road to Self’s Destruction

If we were to name any one thing or precisely one habit which is present in the major portion of people in our society, it would be the habit of overthinking. It is also called as rumination, which means thinking obsessively about a particular thought or theme that in turn interfere with the other forms of the mental activity. It is a common feature of the “obsessive compulsive disorder” and “generalized anxiety disorder”. It means that when we dwell ourselves repetitively over the same thought and the same situation over and over unless it causes anxiousness.

It is often said that when a person overthinks, he is unable to concentrate on anything be it studies or anything of relevance. His focus is not present there and this is because that thought occupies his mind so strongly that he is unable to think anything else. He is so delved in that situation that even if he tries to come out from that very place, it will worsen the situation.

The official mark of the overthinking is that it is unproductive. It is nowhere useful in building any personality trait or behavior. It just strangles the current personality of the person involving so many disorders. It just disturbs the mental functioning of the person. Thinking over the same decision and situation for hours and hours by ignoring the sleep and missing on the deadline is not something construction to a person’s life. It is not same as the stress and worry because that lasts for a short span of time but overthinking makes a person feel stuck where he is unable to act or take up any action. It is really very unhealthy for an individual.

The root cause for overthinking is that we try everything to be perfect. We want that everything to be in our full control because that is what will make us confident. And for that we analyze everything so deeply that it captures our whole mind. It occupies its place so effectively that there is no place for some other thought. It is also ironic that after overthinking we are unable to take up any action regarding that. Whenever a solution pops up, another worry question comes in the mind and the cycle continues. Later, we end up doing nothing.

All this while overthinking is considered as bad, unhealthy and much more but the question which pops up in everybody’s mind after reading it is, Is it a disorder? The answer is Yes. It is a mental disorder. It is associated with other mental health conditions like:
a) Depression
b) Anxiety Disorders
c) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
d) Post traumatic Stress Disorder

Lastly, I want to conclude with my opinion that overthinking destroys our mental health. It also disturbs a person emotionally. In a nutshell, it creates a situation of imbalance in the body which can take a good amount to recover. So, to keep away from this kind of disorder, the individual should be always ready to challenge his thoughts. The reaction should be so strong that whenever any thought or situation tries to capture his mind or make him anxious, the person is ready to challenge it.